Saturday, December 20, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall:Review

Before I start and I am huge fan of Judd Apatow comedies,my favorite thus far has been knocked up so I had high expectations for this one and it didn't dissappoint.
Composer Peter Bretter(played by Jason Seigel) is dumped by tv star Sarah Marshall(an adorable kristen bell) and becomes so depressed that after a series of failed one night stands he takes the advice of stepbrother Brain(Played by Bill hader) and decides to take a vacation to Hawaii and ends up in a hotel where Sarah Marshall also happens to be on vacation with pop-star Aldous Snow(played brillantly by Russel Brand) whom he finds out is the guy she cheated on him with for over a year.Peter befriends hotel employee Rachel Jansen(played by Mila Kunis) and some odd characters including hotel restaurant worker Mathhew who is obsessed with Aldous Snow(a hilarious Jonah Hill),washed up surf instructor Koonu(Paul Rudd),and newlyweds Darold and Wyoma.
Peter keeps running into and seeing Sarah and Aldous everywhere(from dinner and breakfast at the restuarant to them making out at their hotel room) and continues to be depressed until at the advice again of Brian,he asks Rachel out.The two of them hit it off and in one scene that is particularly funny,Rachel surpises Peter and has him sing the dracula musical he had been working on at a bar.The way he performs this was truly hilarious.Meanwhile,Sarah and Aldous have problems that come to a full circle at dinner with Peter and Rachel where Aldous tells Sarah he believes its his right to have sex with anyone and whenever he wants. After another hilarious scene after dinner in the hotel rooms Aldous and Sarah end it and she decides she wants Peter back. Meanwhile Peter and Rachel continue to get closer but now Pete must choose between the two of them.
The ending to this film is defintely predictable but not so much in the way it happens. Overall this fim may be a notch below my favorite knocked up,but this is defintely one of the better comedies of the year and one that I can watch over and over.
Fav Qoutes
Dwayne the Bartender: He turned down a blow job from his ex-girlfriend... mid-blowjob. You know how hard that is for a man? It's called blue balls. He's like Gandhi! But better - he likes puppets!
Darald: Let me just say that if God was a city planner he would not put a playground next to a sewage system!
Aldous Snow: I've lost a shoe... have you seen it anywhere? Excuse me, missus, I've lost a shoe... like this one. It's like this one's fellow... it's sort of the exact opposite in fact of that - not an evil version but just, you know, a shoe like this... but for the other foot. Otherwise I'd have two right...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Movies I've seen lately

The new James bond,tropic thunder and Wanted.Reviews coming soon.


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