Monday, January 19, 2009

Many hated but I loved: House of Wax

Yes before I start the review this is that House of Wax with that Paris Hilton. I’m sure many people immediately said no thanks when they saw her name but not me. Something has always intrigued me about wax museums and I’ve been near a few but never actually managed to go into one. Maybe someday soon I will. But besides that this looked like it could be a fun movie and I wasn’t expecting anything groundbreaking anyways. And surpise surprise I ended up enjoying it and buying the dvd, followed by the blu-ray which looks really amazing.

Now the movie begins in a flashback of a lady feeding a young child followed by a man entering with a second child who is screaming and kicking. Eventually the man straps the violent kid into his high chair. A lovely start to a movie I might add. Fast forward till the present and we meet our characters and big surprise most of them are young and somewhat attractive. Typical for a slasher movie but that’s ok because if I’m going to watch a slasher movie I don’t expect the characters to be older, wiser and less attractive. I expect them to be young and hot so to speak, some nice eye candy and if they happen to be likable then that’s a plus. And in this movie I a couple of them did manage that. We meet Carly played by the lovely sloppy seconds herself Elisha Cuthbert and her boyfriend Wade played by Jared Padalecki. They are joined by Nick, who is Carly’s twin brother and played by Chad Michael Murray and Dalton(john Abrahams) who happens to be Nicks friend. They are all along for the ride with Blake (played by
Robert Ri'chard) and Paige(played by the infamous Paris Hilton). Apparently they are on the way to a bowl game. On the way there they are detoured and of course end up getting lost. They end up camping out in the middle of the wilderness somewhere. This is followed by a confrontation between all of them and an unknown driver who pulls up to them and flashes his high beams in their faces. Badass Nick throws a beer bottle at the car that cracks the headlight, this leads to the driver retreating. The following morning we find out that someone has sabotaged Wade’s car by ripping out the fan belt which after a strange encounter with a hunter leads to group eventually splitting up and going their separate ways. Typical bad decisions for a slasher movie. Blake, Paige, Nick and Dalton decide to try and go to the game while this stranger offers to take Carly and Wade into town for a new fan belt. Carly and Wade get to what looks to be a really small town featuring a wax museum that is actually completely made of wax and eventually end up meeting Bo, the owner of the gas station. Naturally he doesn’t have the right size fan belt there so he takes them to his house where he claims to have the right size. Fast forward and we have Wade getting his Achilles tendon snapped and being encased in wax, Carly having her finger cut off and her lips crazy glued shut and two other characters meeting their untimely deaths at the hands of 2 crazy wax obessed twins. A concept I liked which they took from the Vincent Price House of Wax was the victims actually been alive when they are encased in wax.But the biggest crowd please of this movie and another reason I somewhat love this movie is the death of Paige’s character(Paris Hilton). She gets it pretty bad, a pole that is thrown and ends up impaling her. Now I know some of you are thinking this film probably had a ton of cgi, but…you are wrong. There is not much cgi in any of the death scenes or in the movie overall. Anyways this all leads to a nice final confrontation in the wax museum that was the movies hardest part to film.
Lots of Gore mixed with some cool scenes in the wax museum mixed with a couple likable characters made this a nice surprise. So I don’t really care what anyone says about this film,I liked it and always am down for fun, mindless movies to watch over and over again. So people don’t trump on this movie just because you see “that’s hot” is in it.

-I bet you didn’t know that this film was shot in Australia
-I bet you didn’t know that they actually built the entire town of Ambrose just for this movie.
-I bet you didn’t know that the actual museum in the movie was made out of wax for the most part.
-I bet you didn’t know that the one villains name Vincent is a reference to Vincent Price from the original House of Wax.

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