Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quick Review:Phantasm II

Phantasm II takes place immediately after the first Phantasm,but first shows a quick rehash of the end of the first Phantasm in which Reggie is consoling Mike about his brother Jody's death.Mike rushes upstairs to pack in his bags as him and Reggie decide to get away for a while,Mike is pulled into a cupboard by one of the tall mans zombie dwarves...Reggie rushes upstairs,and after a short batttle with zombie dwarves,gets Mike back,blows the house up as he and Mike jump out through the window...Now we thought Jody had killed the tall man at the end of the first and that Reggie was also killed by the lady in Lavendar....but apparently that was all a dream...at least in the Phantasm world.

Now 8 yrs later Mike is about to get out of a mental institution after admitting to them the Tall Man and all of these stories are..just a dream even though he knows they are not.Mike who was played by Michael Baldwin in the original is replaced by James Le Gros which was the studio's idea.Simply put, to me he felt out of place and I didn't care for his acting,he was not believeable and his timing of lines were way off.I also just couldn't stand his face,something about it really bothered me.So ahh Mike gets out of the mental institution,and is haunted by a girl named Liz in his dreams who is also in trouble with the tall man and evetually joins forces with Reggie(thank goodness Reggie Bannister was in this)to hunt down the tall man once and for all.The Tall Man is now making his way accross the small towns in the U.S. turning them all into his dwarf army.Mike and Reggie pick up a girl who might not be good along the way before finally finding the girl Liz in Mike's dreams and the tall man in Perigord Oregon.

The deadly spheres are back(the best scene featuring a grave robber getting torn inside by a sphere before the sphere eventually rips apart and gets stuck in his mouth leaving it mangled)the zombie dwarves are back,the grave robbers are back and Reggie is back.But something in this film is lacking when compared to the first Phantasm.Maybe it was the fact that in the original you never knew if what was happening was a dream or real,and in this one everything seemed less dreamlike and made more sense which doesn't work for a Phantasm movie.In Phantasm things aren't what they seem and you never really know whats happening so trying to make sense is a fail in my book.At least the ending reverted to the original Phantasm logic...leaving us guessing what the hell just happened.

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