Friday, March 12, 2010

Quik Review:Scarecrows

Kind of another lost horror film from the 80s that needs to be seen.Made in 1988 and finally re-released on dvd in 2007,this is definitely one of the best looking scarecrow movies there is.
Five criminals who have just committed robbery try to escape to Mexcio on a hi-jacked plane only to double-crossed by one of their own and end up stranded on a spooky cornfield filled with scarecrows,crosses and one creepy house as they search for their former pal that betrayed them.
The movie works so well in part because of the haunting,dark and ominous cornfield.That and the amazingly simple(low-budget) but downright scary scarecrow designs really gives one the creeps and proves you don't need cgi to make things look real or even scary.The film relies heavily on that dark,foreboding atmosphere created by director William Wesley and is somewhat of slow-burn as the characters slowly begin to realize the scarecrows are alive.Since its so dark you never get too much of a long look at the scarecrows in action and this to me makes it even scarier.Trust me though,the scarecrows are downright spooky.

The movie really starts to pick up when we get to see what these scarecrows do to you -they can mimick voices,make you delusional and worst of all-they gut you and fill you with straw.Finally the characters start thinking maybe they should get the F out of there and forget the money.The movie never really explains in full detail why the scarecrows can come alive but we get numerous shots of a framed-picture of 3 men hanging inside the house and a reference to how they might be devil worshippers.
The acting isn't that great in the movie but it's decent enough to not take away from the movie itsef.Jack played by Richard Vidan and Corbin(Ted Vernon) to me were the only likable characters in the film.Kellie played by Victoria Christian was nice to look at but quite whiney and annoying.
Scarecrows is definitely a strong horror/ghost film which also tries to show us that greed can be a deadly....especially with scarecrows running rampant.See this underappreciated movie now
-supposedly this move had a lot of gore taken out of it by the MPAA and I wonder if there will be or if there is an unrated version floating around


Copyboy said...

The mimicking voice thing seems like an interest twist. Looking at the photos I keep thinking of Jeepers Kreepers 2.

Erik said...

ha,somewhat reminiscent of creepers 2,much better movie though :)


-we all go a little crazy sometimes

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