Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick Review:Sorority Row

Not much to say about Sorority Row,I barely made it through,and had more fun playing with my hangnail than watching this. I didn't have much hope for this by I held out a little hope that it would be somewhat entertaining,I was wrong,not even close to being entertaining.
The plot is a simple,a group of sorority sisters kills one of their own in a prank gone row,dump her body down the mineshaft amd decide to keep it a secret,kind of like I know what you did last summer.Of course we all know what happens next,as graduation approaches someone decides to start knocking all of the sisters off one by one.
The movie is not scary at all and doesn't have any but of tension whatsover,not to mention the fact that all of the girls are so annoying and unlikeable that you can't wait to see who gets offed next.The only somewhat likeable girl was Cassidy(played by the hot and sultry Brianna Evigan),she is the one girl who feels guilty and wants no part of what her sisters did.The dialogue is corny while trying to be funny and some of the choices the girls make are somewhat laughableThe killer was painfully obvious from the get-go if you followed any of the standard 90s slasher flicks.Another funny thing is the killers weapon,a pimped out tire-iron...yes I'm serious.After all those bad points what can one hope for...I say nudity,and we get some tits and ass but we really don't get much of that from any of the main girls and that is lame.
Sorority Row lacks suspense,tension,smarts,scares,likable characters,pretty much any ingredient you need for a successfull slasher flick.I say skip this and stick with the 90s slashers flicks and my guily pleasure..Urban Legend


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