Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Babe of the day:Amber Heard

Inglorious Basterds Quick Review

A flim by Quentin Tarantino,and you can tell right by the opening scene and credits.The visuals on this scene are incredible,lush green and rich farmland dominate the screen.

The film opens on a dairy farm in Nazi occupied France as we see an approaching Col Hans Landa.He quickly invites himself in and lets the farmer know what he is here for,to find all hiding Jews.He gets the farmer to admit he is hiding Jews under the floor and Landa has them killed off rather quickly except for one,a girl named Shoshana who manages to escape.

We then meet Aldo Raine(Brad Pitt)leader of the basterds.He quicky informs his soldiers what he wants them to do.......kill Nahzi's.He demands the scalps of 100 dead Nazhi's from each basterd.His group has become widely known around Germany as the Inglorious basterds and one of his soldiers has become know as the "the bear Jew" cause he smashes Nazi's skulls in.

Next we meet Shoshana who now has changed her name and is running a theatre in France.Shoshana quicky catches the eye of a German soldier who pursues her and later we find out is war hero Fredrick Zoller,the german Private York. He gets Joseph Goebbels to premiere his new film as Shoshana's theatre which will be attended by all the higher-ups in the third Reich including Hitler himself.Shoshana and her black projectionist quickly come up with a plan to burn down the theatre for the premiere.Meanwhile Raine and the basterds have their own plan to blow-up and take out the theatre and the third Reich also,however their plan goes astray when Col Hans Landa is able to detect that Raine and his helped aren't the italian film-making crew they claim to be.All this sets up for a great final chapter.

What I dug so much about this flim was the acting.Col Hans Landa played by Christopher Waltz put on a hell of a performance. He's brillant,ironic,mannered,crazy and evil all rolled into one.He always appears to stare right through his adversaries.Brad Pitt's portrayal of Aldo Raine is downright hilarious.His southern accent was hilarious and him pretending to be italian was even funnier...Bonjourno,correcto....He really impressed me in this film with his acting abilities.Shoshana,played by Melanie Laurent also was impressive,her quiet personality not overshadowed by her hate of the Nazi's was a treat to watch.Not to mention she is a treat on the eyes and her French was incredibily sexy. Tarantino definitely did his homework again for this film.The one thing I didn't like was his casting of Mike Myers...err Austin Powers as General Ed Fenech.He seemed out of place and hard to take serious.Notable mentions also to Eli Roth as the bear jew and Martin Wuttke and Sylvester Groth and Hitler and Goebbels.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hellraiser remake

Just browsing google and I came across some pictures of Pinhead from the remake of Hellraiser.I didn't even know it was in productiuon yet and I'm not sure if these are real.What do you guys think?

DVD Watch for the upcoming week

Jennifer's body with Megan Fox which I will definitelty be checking out since I've heard so many mixed reviews and also Paranormal Activity.I have some Christmas money to burn so I will probably be picking one of these up.

Piranha hitting blu-ray

On April 6th,definitely excited for that.Alsoi this movie is currently being remade,yes another remake,but being remade by the talented Alexander Aja and in 3d so my hopes are a little higher on this one.Also waiting for the trailer for Piranha 3d.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Got some nice dvd's to watch including the Omen Box Set,District 9 and the Hangover!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Changeling

Must view this again and not on my computer this time.

Melanie Laurent is french

is a basterd and is a new crush of mine,I've only seen her in Inglorious basterds and wow she is a looker and her French speaking is incredibily hot

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Basterd

Brad Pitt was downright funny in Inglorious basterds....Bonjourno,Correcto..He definitely was a good fir for this role and kudos to him for pulling it off.His dialogue and the way he talked was pretty hilarious.The film was also very well done,Tarantino did a great job.Of course anything Nazi-german related interests me

Currently viewing:The changeling and Night of the Creeps

Tw0 80s films I have believe it or not yet to have seen!

Quick Review:Leviathan

This has always been a guilty pleasure movie of mine back to the VHS days,in fact the last time I saw this before yesterday was on VHS.For the most part I still enjoyed it,while being older and more mature now I still had a fun time watching this.
The cast is stellar,you got Peter Weller,Ernie Hudson,Richrad Crenna and Daniel Stern. They are all underwater miners looking for silver and other minerals 15000 feet below the water.They come across a sunken Russian ship. Of course 2 crew members,six pack(Stern) and elizabeth(Amanda) explore the ship and when they get back things aren't normal.Six-pack begins to feel sick and is eventually dead...er..somewhat.....Dr Thompson thinks or knows that something from that ship made him die and...start ummm start to turn into a fish.Yes whatever the thing/virus is it takes over your body to use and transform.This creature begins to take over the crew one at a time....using all their bodies to morph.Kind of like the creature from the thing,in fact this movie to me is the thing underwater,though not nearly as suspenseful or eventful.The pacing for the first 45 mins or so is very slow but it does have that slow burn type of build up that you wish you could skip through.Stan Winston,who did the creature effects on the thing does the creature effects here as well.I was one in the majority that liked the way this underwater sea monster looked.Bizzare-looking but I think they showed just enough of it to be effective.And nothing could top the thing anyways.
I enjoyed this more than deep-star six and lords of the deep and I thought it was more fun then the abyss.The line delivered by Weller at the end-battle is so corny and gay but I couldn't help but laugh.That's what 80s/early 90's cliches were about..his end kill-line say ah..motherfucker

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Currently viewing:Leviathan

A gem from 1989,very underrated.Haven't seen it in years,used to love it,lets see how it holds up.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Babe of the day:Danielle Harris

Hatchet 2 will have

Danielle Harris in it,in a leading role.Good for her because she is very underrated amd was great in RZ's Halloweens as well as Halloween 4 and 5 and a bunch of others.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Best horror movies of 09

There were some good ones in 09,including my personal favorite Drag me to Hell.So here our my rankings and yes I was one of the few who actually enjoyed Rz's H2

1.Drag me to Hell-a perfect combination of scares,laughs and gross out moments in Sam Raimi's return to horror

2.Trick R Treat-heard about this for yrs and it delivered,a great anthology of stories and already a must see every Halloween


3.Martyrs-Brutal,disturbing and a hard pill to swallow but it delivers the goods

4.Zombieland-Don't know if I can consider this horror or comedy with horror but it's a fun zombie movie with some real cool scenes

5.Halloween 2-I don't care how umpopular it is,I enjoyed what Zombie did,he tried some new ideas and I dug the dark vibe

Babe of the day:America Olivo

She was in the new Friday the 13th showing off her nice fake boobies and also in the last resort or some straight to dvd film,also going to be in Bitch slap

Sunday, November 22, 2009

2012:A short review

Too long,way too long,is it over yet,and neverending.
John Cusack however did do a good job as the hero and there were some impressive action sequences but it was just so overdrawn I kept looking at my watch

babe of the day:Sophie Monk

Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick Review:Dead Snow

Nazi Zombies, definitely an interesting and unique concept tacked by director Tommy Wirkola.He was definitely influenced by Sam Raimi(as he is referenced in this film) and Peter Jackson(a brain-dead alive t-shirt is worn by a character) as he lets the blood fly while never taking the movie to seriously.This works well as we get a slapstick Nazi Zombie movie.

Eight medical students are vacationing in Finmark for their Easter break I presume.They are there to drink,party and pretty much do all the stuff normal teenagers do. Shortly after arriving they get a knock at the door from you're token old-man who is their to warn them of impending danger.He tells them about a group of Nazis who were buried alive there during WWII and how there are ghost stories about them. Of course they believe him to be crazy.

Once the Nazi zombies do show up is when the film picks up.There is some fine f/x displayed here.A brains falls out of someone's head,chainsaw's rip people to pieces and intestines spill out as Wirkola tries to one up each previous scene.There is also a sex scene in a very odd place.We also get faster/running zombies here which I have no problem with. But I was hoping to see a little more of the one main zombie-Nazi-leader who only really came about towards the very end.The beautiful winter/snowy backdrop also adds a nice touch to the movie.I don't recall many zombie movies set at a snowny mountain.

What you get is a nicely filmed,beautifully set,asinine movieand I mean that in a good way.Going in to this you knew you had to somewhat expect this,I mean Nazi Zombies,come on.But most people should enjoy this,it's a concept that really hasn't been done and it was pulled it off fairly well.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Babe of the day:Jordana Brewster

My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen

Unfortunately I do watch MTV once and a while and I kept seeing this advertisement for an MTV original movie called My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen,the killer in the advertisements looked somewhat interesting(almost like the king from Burger King) so I decided since I had nothing else to do Saturday Night I would watch this.Also I found out that Julianna Guill(the girl from the new F13th would be the lead role),and she is amazing to look at in my book.I had hopes it would be somewhat reminiscent of old-school 80's cheesy slashers.It did in a way but not enough to really enjoy it.
Ten years earlier at the local hangout called Rollerdome a horrible tragedy occured.Rollerdome employee Charlie Rotter went postal and slaughtered six kids after they made fun of him.Watching in the background was his six yr old daughter Skye.We eventually learn that Charlie was involved in an accident on the way to the jail and apparently is dead.
We then are introduced more to Skye,who is now 16 and is somewhat of an outcast at high school and her best friend/nerd Derek.Her opposition in this movie is Madison(Julianna Guill will you marry me).Madison has broken up with popular jock Brigg.Brigg starts showing an interest in Skye and this doesn't sit well with Madison who gets her dad to pay for an re-open Rollerdome for her sweet 16 party.Madison makes it her mission to humiliate Skye as much as she can.

Finally the time has come for Madisons sweet 16 party,and of course Skye isn't invited.But her and Derek decide to sneak into the party since its the place to be. Skye and Derek eventually get into the party and Skye meets up with Brigg who was being ignored by Madison.Soon after the killings begin.First a couple of Madison's friends are offed and then one of Briggs friend is killed.Who is doing this,is it jealous nerd Derek,skye herself or has Charlie Rotter come back from the dead.The killer is revealed towards the end and was no surprise to me despite them trying to confuse us.

One thing this movie somewhat did is have a decent amount of on-screen blood for a made for tv movie,some eye-catching lighting at the rollerdome and a decent looking masked killer.My main gripes with this movie was it was too predictable,too cliche and too unoriginal.But I did think Julianna Guill did quite a good job as the spoiled/stuck up rich bitch and she looked good despite being considerably older in real life.Some of her demands were quite hilarious also.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009


This film had been advertised for months and for some reason I never thought much about it until I finally decided to see it,and man am I glad I saw it.I don't know if I'd call it a comedy but I also know I wouldn't call it a horror movie.It has both elements and they come together flawlessly.

Set in a world that has been devastated by Zombies(more like the rage infected people of the 28 days later films than the Night of the living dead zombies)we are quickly introduced to Columbus(played by Jesse Eisenberg)who has developed his own set of rules like always checking the backseat and beware of bathrooms,and so on.They flash on screen during the movie which I thought was a cool touch.Columbus is easy to like but sometimes got on my nerves cause he reminded me too much of Michael Cera(superbad,nick and norah's).Columbus eventually meets and joins forces with Tallahasee(played by Woody Harrelson)the crazy,not afraid of anything guy you'd want on your side if you ever were in a situation like this.Tallahasee is on the search for a twinkie...yes a twinkie.Evetually the guys meet to con artist sisters,Wichita(Emma Stone) and Little Rock(Abigail Breslin) who con them out of their weapons among other things.
Finally they all decide to team up to go to Pacific playland,which is in LA and is supposedly zombie free.Along the way they stop in Beverly Hills for star maps and finally at.......Bill Murrays house(he was the big surprise cameo in this one).The final scene takes place at the amusement park and putting zombie in an amusement park is a win-win.......and one of my favorite parts is this movie was the zombie clown(don't know if I ever saw that before).

For the most part this was a very entertaining movie with just the right amount of gore and laughs.It was more about the characters jouney than about zombies and that worked well cause you actually cared for the characters and rooted for them.Definitely one worth owning in the near future if you are ever in the mood for a funny,entertaining and gory zombie film which doesn't take itself seriously.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Drag me to hell

One of my favorite movies of the past few yrs comes out on blu-ray tommorow!Go get it

Friday, October 9, 2009

Babe of the day:Julinna Guill

From the new Friday the 13th(her alone is worth watching the movie for) and the upcoming Altitude

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Babe of the day:Megan Fox

Whether the girl is as dumb as a box of rocks she looks amazing in the promo shots for Jennifer's Body.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Babe of the day:Danielle Harris

From Halloween 4,5 and Rz's H and H2

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Review:Halloween 2

After hearing all the negative reviews of Halloween 2 I went it not knowing what to expect, I mean I somewhat enjoyed Rob Zombie's first take on the franchise,and I ain't ashamed to admit I dug Halloween 2.
This one picks up a yr after the horrible events that befell Laurie.She has moved in with Annie Brackett(the lovely Danielle Harris)and her father Sheriff Lee(Brad Douriff)She has become a completely different person,no longer the good-girl,she is all punked out and doesn't know who she is or what she is.She has terrible nightmares of Michael stalking her in the hospital,terrible visions of her killing Anne dressed up like Young Michael was on that fateful Halloween night and mysterious visions of young Michael and his mother.Meanwhile Dr. Loomis has become somewhat of a pseudo-celebrity who has another book coming out.I also like what Zombie did with the Loomis character,none of us ever expected to somehow hate Dr Loomis.And as all of this is happening we learn that Myers body was never found.

Halloween 2 deploys very dark and grainy look to it and it spares no punches this time around.Michael is much more menacing and vicious this time around.He repeatedly stabs,decapitates,chokes and mashes anyone who gets in his path. People lobbied for a more menacing and scary Myers,well they got their wish in this one.This is not the mysterious shape that Carpenter used,but instead a much more realistic,demented ,driven and downright nasty Myers.

Zombie also tries to get us inside Michaels head for the first time in the franchise.For years I had always wondered what was going on inside this monsters head.Guided by visions of his dead mother(Sheri Moon) guiding a white horse and a younger version of himself,Michael sets out on a quest to find Laurie and in a sick-twisted way bring his family together.These dream sequences are quite the foray for Zombie.We the audience wonder if somehow Michael and Laurie have a psychic link ala Halloween 4 and 5 or whether both of them are completely insane or if just maybe Michael is a figment of Laurie's imagination. And this plays out down to the final scene in the movie.

Brad Douriff put on a great performance as Sheriff Lee Brackett,getting more airtime than he did in RZ's first Halloween.Danielle Harris who has also become a staple in the Halloween franchise now also was very likable and easy to root for,even Scout Taylor-Compton did a decent job for all the hate she gets.Cameos also included Margot Kidder and Caroline Williams.

In closing I really enjoyed what RZ did with this film. In trying to get inside the minds of his characters he made Halloween completely his own animal.I'm sure many people disliked this cause it wasn't what they wanted,but it's better attempting new idea's rather than rehashing the same old ones.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Babe of the day:Cerina Vincent

of Cabin Fever and Not another teen movie

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quick Review:Friday the 13th Part V:A New beginning

The fifth entry into this series follows one of the better installments(Part IVs The final chapter).Part IV saw Tommy killing Jason after Jason murdered his mother and a slew of adolescents.Tommy becomes haunted by this and thats where Part V starts.

Tommy has been from one mental institution to another and is now being transfered to Pinehurst Youth development center,a house in the middle of the woods run by Dr Mat and his assistant Pam.

As soon as Tommy arrives bad things start to happen,the annoying fat kid Joey gets killed after a disagreement over a candy bar by fellow patient Vic who is clearly demented.Soon after more bodies turn up including a pair of greasers who car broke down in the middle of the area.The sheriff thinks Jason is back from the dead but we start thinking maybe Tommy has finally gone over the deep end and he himself is commiting the muders.

The film has some hilarious stuff in it considering it was right in the middle of the 80s.Funny hairdos,red jumpsuits,Reggie the reckless, and Demon are just some of the things that make you laugh.

The kills in the movie are way too quick not very creative and way too overboard(flare or firecrackers or whatever it was stuffed into a mouth) and they happen way too fast to even build up a scare.Most of them also come off screen so that takes even more away from it.The only decent one was the hedge shears and we don't really get to see that either except for the aftermath shot.I also do wonder have much the MPAA cut and if we will ever get an uncut edition.

Overall I kind of dug what directors Danny Steinmann and his writers tried to do.They tried to make it kind of a muder mystery.Is Jason alive,is he back from the dead or is it someone else or even Tommy.They did a good job of conveying those ideas with little hints here and there.I also reallt liked the final scene in this movie.Most people list this as their least favorite Friday the 13th,I however rank it way above the laughable Jason goes to hell,Jason X or the corny Jason takes Manhattan.Give this a rent if you are unsure about it and be warned...SPOILER coming.............................................................................................................................


Jason is not the killer in this

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Babe of the day:Anna Falchi

Anna Falchi,star of the unknown sleeper hit Cemetery Man also known as dellamorte dellamorte

Everyone should check this film out,great movie and anna!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blu-ray Review:The Evil Dead 2:Dead by Dawn

DEAD BY DAWN,DEAD BY DAWN,GIMME BACK MY HAND!If any old or young horror fan hasn't seen this movie somehow,which I'd find hard to believe,go buy this right now.Its essential viewing for any horro movie fan

The Story

Starts out a lot like the first one,legal woes forced Raimi to reshoot it and he couldn't afford all the actors as well . Ash of course takes his girlfriend to a secluded Cabin in the woods only to discover a professors tape of incantations that unleashes a slew of demons that possess Linda and force him to kill her and eventually possess him and his hand.Soon after the professors daughter(Annie) and 3 companions return to the cabin and see just how over the top things have gotten.This film is a perfect mix of creepy moments and genuinely funny moments. Ash's possessed hand beating himself up is one of the best parts of the film,and Bruce Campbell pulled it off perfectly. One of the creepier parts is the deadite in the cellar and the quick transformation of Annie's one companion into a deadite. Evil ash is also a hoot to watch and the "laughing room" scene is one to remember. I have a hard time picking but I actually enjoyed this one more than The Evil Dead,sure its a bit more campy but I find myself having had more fun watching this.

The Picture

The Picture looks damn good for a very dated movie. The detail in certain scenes especially the bridge scene in the beginning is quite impressive.I was able to notice little things in the background that I couldn't on the regular dvd.There is some grain in some of the darker parts of the film but not enough to deter me from recommending this one.


-audio commentary with Raimi,Campbell,Spiegal and Nicotero

very fun to listen to them

fast fim facts

-evil dead II:behind the scenes featurette

nothing special

-the gore the merrier

good luck at the special makeup effects


Like I said earlier the movie itself is a must have for any horror fan and I definitely would recommend this blu-ray to anyone who has started a new collection with blu-rays,I still have my regular evil dead 2 dvd but when it comes time to watch it I don't hesitate and I pop in the Blu-ray

Movie 9/10

Blu-ray 8/10


-we all go a little crazy sometimes

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