Monday, June 22, 2009

Babe of the day:Cerina Vincent

of Cabin Fever and Not another teen movie

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quick Review:Friday the 13th Part V:A New beginning

The fifth entry into this series follows one of the better installments(Part IVs The final chapter).Part IV saw Tommy killing Jason after Jason murdered his mother and a slew of adolescents.Tommy becomes haunted by this and thats where Part V starts.

Tommy has been from one mental institution to another and is now being transfered to Pinehurst Youth development center,a house in the middle of the woods run by Dr Mat and his assistant Pam.

As soon as Tommy arrives bad things start to happen,the annoying fat kid Joey gets killed after a disagreement over a candy bar by fellow patient Vic who is clearly demented.Soon after more bodies turn up including a pair of greasers who car broke down in the middle of the area.The sheriff thinks Jason is back from the dead but we start thinking maybe Tommy has finally gone over the deep end and he himself is commiting the muders.

The film has some hilarious stuff in it considering it was right in the middle of the 80s.Funny hairdos,red jumpsuits,Reggie the reckless, and Demon are just some of the things that make you laugh.

The kills in the movie are way too quick not very creative and way too overboard(flare or firecrackers or whatever it was stuffed into a mouth) and they happen way too fast to even build up a scare.Most of them also come off screen so that takes even more away from it.The only decent one was the hedge shears and we don't really get to see that either except for the aftermath shot.I also do wonder have much the MPAA cut and if we will ever get an uncut edition.

Overall I kind of dug what directors Danny Steinmann and his writers tried to do.They tried to make it kind of a muder mystery.Is Jason alive,is he back from the dead or is it someone else or even Tommy.They did a good job of conveying those ideas with little hints here and there.I also reallt liked the final scene in this movie.Most people list this as their least favorite Friday the 13th,I however rank it way above the laughable Jason goes to hell,Jason X or the corny Jason takes Manhattan.Give this a rent if you are unsure about it and be warned...SPOILER coming.............................................................................................................................


Jason is not the killer in this

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Babe of the day:Anna Falchi

Anna Falchi,star of the unknown sleeper hit Cemetery Man also known as dellamorte dellamorte

Everyone should check this film out,great movie and anna!


-we all go a little crazy sometimes

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