Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I hadn't been quite this excited to see a movie in a long-time.All I heard was how amazing this movie was and how amazing the visuals and cgi were.Well seems like everyone was right.This was one of if not the best movies I have ever seen in a theatre,luckily I managed to see this in 3d and at the imax.James Cameron definitely knows how to spend money on films wisely.

This movie is a technical breakthough,never before have I seen such amazing visuals,never before have I seen cgi look so real and flawless. Everything on the planet of Padora which is where this film takes place is breathtaking. The trees,the creatures,the sky, the night-light glow of the flowers make this one of the most beautiful movies and like nothing I've ever seen.There are floating mountains and thousand foot trees adding to the visuals.The Na'vi(the race that inhabits this planet)look so real that you would think it wasn't cgi.Scene after scene I kept getting more and more impressed.It was like being in another world,which is what this film managed to accomplish,I never once looked at my watch,I didn't want this one to end.It did ufortunately and I definitely plan on seeing this many more times.

The movie takes place in 2154,on the planet Pandora which is an earth sized planet in orbit around a huge star. Of course the US armed forces have been called to this planet to try and get a new minreal that the earth desperately needs and which Pandora is rich in. Pandora is not a threat to earth but we send in the military to disrupt,conquer and take what we desperately want.Pandora is inhabited by the Na'vi,blue skinned,golden eyed human like people.Each one nearly 10 feet tall with a tail.These Na'vi know their planet well and live in harmony with the nature and the creatures inhabiting it.

We soon meet Dr Grace Augustine(played by Sigourney Weaver),a scientist who has come up with a program that creates avatars which basically are genetically altered hybirds between human and Na'vi DNA or human minds in Na'vi bodies.These being are created to open communication between the two races in hopes of coming to sort of peaceful agreement.Paralyzed marine veteran Jake Sully(Sam Worthington) is asked to take part in this program created by Dr Grace Augustine but not to find a peaceful accord, instead to gain all the information about the planet and inhabitants and mainly find out information on the tree of life which is where this mineral mainly is.These are orders from Colonel Miles Quaritch who has no intention of any peaceful agreement.

Jake's avatar eventually gets lost on Pandora where he is saved by Neytiri(Zoe Saldana),an attractive Na'vi who happens to be the daughter of chief Eytukan and Shaman Moat. Jake ends up learning this Na'vi language,learning thier ways and eventually falling in love with Neytiri and going Native himself.He sides with them in an effort to help save their planet from devastationThat's the story in a nutshell,maybe nothing groundtaking there but it didn't need to be.
Everything worked flawlessly together in this movie,from the cgi to the story to perhaps the message,which I'm sure it somewhat aimed at politics. Everyone should go see this in the theatre just for the visuals alone,feel free to decide if the rest is good enough for you to enjoy,for me it certainly was.


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