Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2:Often overlooked

It seems that over the years that many people love the first Nightmare and for good reason and love the thrid one,Dream Warriors.NOES 2 seems to be the ugly stepchild in this series and I don't understand why. It had a cool concept with Freddy trying to take over Jesse's body and get him to kill for him after Jesse has moved into Nancy's old house on elm street with his family.2 also had some really incredible scenes and visuals.Some of my favorites

The opening scene of the movie is great as we see Robert Englund actually driving the bus as a normal bus driver. Soon the bus goes off course and into this desert area and soon is balancing off a cliff.Bam suddenly Freddy appears and starts stalkign Jesse and 2 girls.Then we see it was just a dream.

Freddy tells Jesse you got body and I got the brains in reference to him getting Jesse to kill for him

Another classic scene is when the families birds go beserk. One parakeet has killed the other and it gets out of the cage and starts buzzing around divebombing into everyone.Eventually it burts into flames.Talk about an obscure scene to witness.

The Pool part scene also was good and featured Freddy at his meanest,just offing any kid that gets in his way while the whole area is surrounded by flames.

And finally the most disturbing scene to me is the shot of these dogs outside the powerplant with faces on them. It was just so strange that it actually freaked me out.

This movie is so 80s right down from the pool party to the outfits,to the brawl in gym class and whats coller than the 80s.It also gives more insight into Freddy.We learn where he worked and where he took all his victims to kill them and later on in the movie we go to that place.We find Nancy's diary and learn that her mother killed herself.We see Jesse completely unravel so much so that his dad thinks he's on drugs and his mom think he's crazy.The acting is nothing great but also not that terrible where I was cringing.There is one really corny scene that features Jesse dancing on his bed with a wooden

Another thing I love about this is Freddy's makeup looks different,it looks more gritty and authentic.Freddy is also much meaner is this movie,no one liners and no joking around,he is out for blood.Now I still prefer the original over this cause lets face it the original is a classic and one of my favorites of all time since it scared me so much as a kid. But there should be more love for Part 2.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dead Snow

Ths one looks very intriguing.A ski vacation turns horrific for a group of teens, as they soon find themselves confronted by an unthinkable menace.... Nazi zombies

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday the 13th:The final chapter

A mixed bag in my opinion,had a nice body count(13 from what I counted), but other than that it was average. The plot is of course about Jason still being alive. Takes place right after part 3 ,Jason is taken to the hospital where he is thought to be dead. But still alive he slaughters the 2 hospital workes and heads back to Camp Crystal lake where the Jarvis family now lives. Tommy Jarvis is played by Corey Feldman...LOL! A group of teenagers end up renting the house next to them. The only known standout out is Crispin Glover. Well bodies stop piling up,some decent kills but kind of bland to me.

But there is a couple things I liked about this chapter that I think saved it from being completely terrible. One is seeing Jasons mangled,deformed face.

The other is how Jason is killed,little Tommy Jarvis is a mask creator and he shaves his head and dons make up to look like little Jason Voorhees after seeing a neswspaper article of Jason. He ends of slashing him in the head. Yes a little corny that an eight year old could do somehow kill Jason but it works well. Add to that the fact that after Jason is laying on the floor barely alive twitching Tommy continues to hack away at him looking completely insane. The last scene in the hosiptal features Tommy hugging his sister with a weird face still looking completely insane. Scarred for life

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Friday the 13th blu-ray

Can't wait for this also part 3 in 3D!!though not blu-ray,but i'm still excited about that one as well

Monday, January 26, 2009

Quote of the day

Pandora can't go back into the box ,he only comes out.


Kovalev the all-star game mvp!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are they friends again??

They have been feuding

Gary Bettman

Take note and get it THROUGH YOUR HEAD that this is the face of the NHL!

Many hated but I love part II:The Devils Rejects

Yes I love a Rob Zombie movie, I think this movie is far superior to its predecessor “House of 1000 corpses” which I liked. Now I know some people hate this guy just because of his name or just because he remade everyone’s lovechild “Halloween”. I also know that some people hate him because they say the characters in all his movies are the same drawn out types: low-life white trash skeazy scum and that all his dialogue is the same in that they all curse and use the F word excessively. I won’t argue cause I’m sure nobody is going to change anybodies mind , but for what its worth I think that believe it or not there are people out there like this. Disturbing thought. The movie itself feels gritty and real right from the start as it grabs your attention right from the opening scene

This movie obviously takes place sometime after house of 1000 corpses and opens with what seems like the entire Ruggsville police department outside the devils rejects house. Baby(played brilliantly by Sheri moon zombie) and Otis(a brilliant Bill Moseley) escape the raid while Mother firefly is caught and taken into custody. Sheriff John Quincy Wydell has become HELLBENT! On catching these Devils Rejects , who in the previous film murdered his brother. He learns a certain clown named Captain Spaulding (Sig Haig)from the previous film is also in on this .After this the film becomes a series of sick disturbing violence sometimes so wrong that you actually begin to laugh.
-Otis gun raping his captive and forcing her to perform oral sex on him
-Otis shooting a captive point blank in the head while a witness pukes in the background
-captain Spaulding stealing a mom’s ride as her little kid watches in horror
-Otis wearing the skin of one of his victims as a mask
-Baby forcing 1 captive to slap the other just for bathroom privileges
-one of the captive’s getting run over by a semi
-sheriff Wydell going of the deep end by murdering mother firefly and hiring 2 thugs to catch the rejects
That right there should tell you what kind of movie you are in for. This has more of feel of that 70’s grindhouse on the run criminal movies than a horror movie and it works well. This feels like it was made in the 70’s and if I had no knowledge whatsoever I made think it was actually an older movie. I’m not sure what Zombie himself was actually paying homage to but he nailed it.

Bill Moseley as Otis Driftwood is a joy to watch. He makes this character so fucked up and evil but in a way that also has you laughing nervously. In one line he says “I am the devil and I am here to do the devils work”. In another he tells a hostage “boy the next words out of your mouth better be some brilliant fuking Mark twain shit cause it’s definitely getting chiseled on your tombstone”. He seems off the deep end but at the same you don’t know if maybe he is just being sarcastic.
Sheri Moon Zombie also is great as Baby, Otis’s sister who is just as dangerous as Otis. She can be nice to one second and then boom ready to shoot you the next. Her maniacal laugh from the previous film is still there but not used as much. Sid Haig is also great as Captain Spaulding, coming off as sick and maniacal while still being downright hilarious.
Besides them Will Forshyte as Sheriff John Quincy Wydell also makes this movie. We have a Sheriff who is sooo HELLBENT on revenge that as mentioned earlier kills Mother firefly and hire thugs to finally catch the rejects. In a way he actually becomes the villain, he comes off as crazier than they are in wanting revenge. He finally gets them and tortures them as he staples pictures of all their victims to them while nailing their hands to chairs. After this you actually find yourself rooting for the devils rejects..does this make you crazy??? The end scene is brilliantly shot , it features the devils rejects beaten down and bloodied but ready to go to war in their ride facing a police roadblock they have no chance of overcoming, while lynrd skynrds “Freebird “ plays in the background. Gunshots and more gunshots as the film ends.

All-Star Skills

Competition and young stars game on tonight at 7 on versus. Don't worry they will still be talking about Sidney "the crybaby" Crosby when you tune in. Expect updates on his rehab from a broken toe nail.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Comedies I love Part I:Pineapple Express

Now I posted about this before but after watching this endless times already on blu-ray it has already slid into my top comedies list. The Plot is very simple, Dale Denton(played by Seth Rogen) is your everyday pothead who happens to be a process server and witnesses a murder while outisde his last client of the night. In a panic he drops his roach and Dale runs to Saul(played by James Franco) his pot dealer afraid that the culprits will connect the dots and trace him thanks to the rare form of smoke. The movie after becomes a series of misadventures for Dale and Saul. They become completely paranoid in the woods thinking the cops can track them by triangulating thier cell phones.They are involved in a house fight with Sauls bookie Red which invovles spitting, the tossing of a portable phone in the toilet, and a beating with a DUSTBUSTER of all things. How random can you get. Another hilarious scene involves Dale going to his High-School girlfriends house for dinner and making a fool of himself after which her Dad tries to shoot him and Saul gets stabbed with a fork. They also sell weed to middle- schoolers and are involved in a high speed cop chase . Its these kind of random action sequences that make this movie work so well. The other part that makes this movie work to a tee is the cast. Seth Rogen plays the stoner to perfection, right down from his laugh to some of his reactions. But he is not the saving grace in the movie,to me this belongs to James Franco. Who knew he could pull of a roll like this after spiderman. He is downright hilarious as Saul, the forgetful bookie. Some of the random and insane comments he come up with had me rolling. One of my favorite comments is him saying how he started selling drugs just to get his bubbe(grandma) into a good nursing home and that once shes finacially set he is going to become a civil engineer and design septics tanks for childrens playgrounds. He really made his character likeable and in the end you can't help but feel like he could be your friend. The other key member in the cast is Red(played by Danny R. McBride). He is almost as hilarious as Saul with some of his lines and sayings. But the image of him with his head duct-tapped was one of the funniest things i've seen in ages.

Some of my favorite quotes

-You just got killed by a Daewoo Lanos, motherfucker

-You, suck my balls. Two times!

-Look what I'm wearing. Kimono, dog. What're you wearing?

-It's almost a shame to smoke it. It's like killing a unicorn... with, like, a bomb.

-Man, listen, I would just appreciate it if both of y'all would take your shoes off. This is brand-new carpet. You're tracking mud in here. Matheson, you got British Knights on. I ain't seen anybody wear them since 1987-...

- Pandora can't go back into the box - he only comes out.

-Fuck Jeff Goldblum, man!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Friday the 13th poster

Looks Sweet,can't wait for this flick.

Some Hockey News

STOP THE PRESS..SIDNEY "THE CRYBABY" CROSBY will not play in the all-star game this sunday because of a broken toe nail,we all wish him a fast recovery. Don't worry though I'm sure that even though he's not playing thats all that will be talked about. Forget the fact that he's not even close to being as good as some players such as Ovechkin and even his own teammate Evgeni Malkin. Somehow the main focus of this all-star came will be "CRYBABY" not playing. Disgusting that the NHL tries to force this panst down everyone's throat.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3d

Yes 3D is fucking awesome and as soon as I saw the previews for this movie I knew I’d have to see this, plus I loved the original so that made me even more pumped for this one. I’m not one who complains about all these remake s coming along, to me I don’t want them to be exactly like the original, I just want to have a fun time watching it. I’ve loved some recent remakes such as the hills have eyes and the texas chainsaw massacre, GASP I even liked Zombies Halloween. For this I just wanted cool 3d glasses..Kidding.
This movie stays somewhat true to the original but also offers some new twists and dynamics which I happened to like. There are of course Axel and Tom along with Sarah and of course the pick axe wielding Psycho miner Harry Warden. Much like the original there was an accident in the mine which trapped a bunch of miners in the mine. Somehow the mine-owners son Tom was at fault for it. Only Harry Warden survives and he ends up mashing the other survivors heads in to conserve air. He is later found in a coma and awakens on Valentine ’s Day, surprise. As soon as he wakes up he becomes psycho-miner, killing almost the entire hospital in a very bloody way. Limbs are ripped off, bodies cut open and hearts ripped out in one of the movies most visceral scenes. We go to the mines where Axel is attending a party along with his current sweetheart Irene. Later on they are joined by Tom and Sarah, right from the start it is apparent Tom and Axel don’t care for each other. Into the mine they go where guess who shows up…Harry Warden. He kills a couple of dumb teenagers on his way for Tom. Axel and Irene escape and Axel grabs Sarah also leaving Tom behind. Tom is about to get pick-axed when the sheriff (played by horror legend tom Atkins save him). He shoots Harry a bunch of times and he runs off and we later learn the mine collapsed on him. We then fast forward 10 yrs to see that Axel has married his rivals’ old flame Sarah and they have 2 kids. Tom has left town and is returning to sell his father’s mine. Of course he returns and voila the killings start again. One of the most fucked up scenes in a good way is this little midget getting pick-axed through the ceiling by the pick axe wielding psycho. This is immediately followed by another blood splattered scene in which Irene, axels old flame is brutally murdered . Is Harry Warden back? She is completely naked throughout this scene and she actually puts up a little fight but eventually she is left dismembered in a heart shaped hot-tub!! Brillant touch I might add. Of course everyone thinks that Harry is back from the dead but Axel right away tabs Tom as the +1 suspect. Tom of course thinks Axel is responsible and is not what he seems. This of course sets off the mystery of who is the killer. Now I must say the acting for this movie is not bad at all. Jamie king looks more regular girl next door with the brown hair and she gives a believable performance. Kerr Smith who play Axel also gives a surprising performance despite looking a tad young for a sheriff. He actually made me think maybe he is a little crazy himself and maybe he is the killer. Tom is played by Jenson Ackles who I’ve never heard off but apparently he is on some wb show. He did a somewhat good job also though I think I could have done a better job!
What really makes this movie work though is the 3d. Eyeballs, limbs and pick axes fly at you while The killers-Miners head-lamp shines on you. It feels like you are actually inside the movie and even the sex scene in 3d is nifty, as if I was in the same room. I don’t know how this movie would look in regular 2d, though I’m sure I still my slasher loving self would have still enjoyed it. But I definitely look forward to some more 3d movies hitting the screen and I look even more forward to this movie hitting blu-ray and I actually saved my trippy 3d glasses.
8 out of 10 hearts

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Haunting in Connecticut

Is one trailer that has caught my attention. Some of the scenes in the trailer look downright creepy. I do have my share of doubts giving some recent ghost/haunting movies ala the recent amityville horror remake,the exorcism of emily rose and an american haunting which I thought had a good trailer. I can only hope its closer to poltergeist than any of these. One plus is there will no asian girl with long hair jumping out of the screen.
The plot is after a family is forced to move for their son's health, they begin experiencing supernatural behavior in their new home. Sounds pretty straightforward. It stars Elias Koteas and Virginia Madsen. Opens June 19th.

Many hated but I loved: House of Wax

Yes before I start the review this is that House of Wax with that Paris Hilton. I’m sure many people immediately said no thanks when they saw her name but not me. Something has always intrigued me about wax museums and I’ve been near a few but never actually managed to go into one. Maybe someday soon I will. But besides that this looked like it could be a fun movie and I wasn’t expecting anything groundbreaking anyways. And surpise surprise I ended up enjoying it and buying the dvd, followed by the blu-ray which looks really amazing.

Now the movie begins in a flashback of a lady feeding a young child followed by a man entering with a second child who is screaming and kicking. Eventually the man straps the violent kid into his high chair. A lovely start to a movie I might add. Fast forward till the present and we meet our characters and big surprise most of them are young and somewhat attractive. Typical for a slasher movie but that’s ok because if I’m going to watch a slasher movie I don’t expect the characters to be older, wiser and less attractive. I expect them to be young and hot so to speak, some nice eye candy and if they happen to be likable then that’s a plus. And in this movie I a couple of them did manage that. We meet Carly played by the lovely sloppy seconds herself Elisha Cuthbert and her boyfriend Wade played by Jared Padalecki. They are joined by Nick, who is Carly’s twin brother and played by Chad Michael Murray and Dalton(john Abrahams) who happens to be Nicks friend. They are all along for the ride with Blake (played by
Robert Ri'chard) and Paige(played by the infamous Paris Hilton). Apparently they are on the way to a bowl game. On the way there they are detoured and of course end up getting lost. They end up camping out in the middle of the wilderness somewhere. This is followed by a confrontation between all of them and an unknown driver who pulls up to them and flashes his high beams in their faces. Badass Nick throws a beer bottle at the car that cracks the headlight, this leads to the driver retreating. The following morning we find out that someone has sabotaged Wade’s car by ripping out the fan belt which after a strange encounter with a hunter leads to group eventually splitting up and going their separate ways. Typical bad decisions for a slasher movie. Blake, Paige, Nick and Dalton decide to try and go to the game while this stranger offers to take Carly and Wade into town for a new fan belt. Carly and Wade get to what looks to be a really small town featuring a wax museum that is actually completely made of wax and eventually end up meeting Bo, the owner of the gas station. Naturally he doesn’t have the right size fan belt there so he takes them to his house where he claims to have the right size. Fast forward and we have Wade getting his Achilles tendon snapped and being encased in wax, Carly having her finger cut off and her lips crazy glued shut and two other characters meeting their untimely deaths at the hands of 2 crazy wax obessed twins. A concept I liked which they took from the Vincent Price House of Wax was the victims actually been alive when they are encased in wax.But the biggest crowd please of this movie and another reason I somewhat love this movie is the death of Paige’s character(Paris Hilton). She gets it pretty bad, a pole that is thrown and ends up impaling her. Now I know some of you are thinking this film probably had a ton of cgi, but…you are wrong. There is not much cgi in any of the death scenes or in the movie overall. Anyways this all leads to a nice final confrontation in the wax museum that was the movies hardest part to film.
Lots of Gore mixed with some cool scenes in the wax museum mixed with a couple likable characters made this a nice surprise. So I don’t really care what anyone says about this film,I liked it and always am down for fun, mindless movies to watch over and over again. So people don’t trump on this movie just because you see “that’s hot” is in it.

-I bet you didn’t know that this film was shot in Australia
-I bet you didn’t know that they actually built the entire town of Ambrose just for this movie.
-I bet you didn’t know that the actual museum in the movie was made out of wax for the most part.
-I bet you didn’t know that the one villains name Vincent is a reference to Vincent Price from the original House of Wax.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Throwback slasher:My Bloody Valentine(1981)

About 5 years ago I finally was able to see My Bloody Valentine which I had heard about for quite some time but could never find. Released in 1981 this was obvioulsy in the time of the slasher boom(prom night,terror train,april fools day and so on) . After finally watching it I feel in love with but couldn't help but think there was something missing. So I quicky googled it and found out that there was a ton of footage cut out from this movie by the MPAA. I instantly thought damn I hope one day they can somehow release an unrated edition. I guess somewhere someone was listening to all the MBV fans and finally in light of the new my bloody valentine 3d a special edition of the original my bloody valentine was released with all the missing scenes.

A quick recap of MBV is as follows. About 20 years ago in the town of Valentine Bluffs which was a small mining town, an explosion took place in the mines and trapped a bunch of miners down below. We find out this happened because a bunch of the supervisors left their posts early cause they were excited to go to the towns annual valentines day dance. They left and had failed to check the methane levels. Out of the dozen miners only Harry Warden survived it. He survived by eating his fellow miners that were trapped there along with him. Once he was rescued he was insane and was committed to an asylum. Years later he escapes and he takes his revenge out on the supervisors, cutting out the heart of one of them while his young son watched from under the bed. Harry's weapon of choice, a pick axe. He warned the town to never hold a valentine's dance again.
Fast forward till present and the town of Valentines bluffs finally decides its time to have a dance and to forget about Harry Warden. However soon after shit starts to hit the fan. Chief Newby gets a valentines day heart stuffed with.......a heart, a human heart. Not long after that Mabel, the town supervisor and owner of a laundromat is killed. She is discovered in.....a drying machine spinning around and burnt to a crisp. The chief instructs the police to say it was a heart attack cause he didn't want to scare the whole town and start a panic. This laundromat scene was one of the many that was cut into pieces by the MPAA. Some more muders take place after this naturally including the town crazy/legend teller Happy. He gets it pretty bad, a pick axe into him and out his eye in another scene that was cut short by the MPAA.

Sounds like typical slasher stuff right? It is except there are quite a few things that this movie has going for it that others don't. The stupid teens are replaced by young men who all work in the mines. After work they do what many people in the real world do after work, they drink. It all feels very authentic and the small working town setting only adds to this. Not to mention the fact that this was really filmed in a mine and they actually had to avoid using bright lights. Nothing is scarier than a dark place way down below where you can't even see a foot ahead of you. Add to that the freezing temperature and you have a recipe for success. The killer also happens to be pretty scary also,decked in full mining costume and shining his single-headed lamp into his victims faces all while breathing through the mask in eerie muffled breathe like sounds.Main character wise we have Axel(what a cool name) who we learn is going out with Sarah, we have TJ who has returned from a failed experiment on the west coast.We then find out that TJ used to be with Sarah and he isn't to keen of her going with Axel. There is also Hollis who seems a bit older but not much more mature. And of course there is Chief Newby. There is a nice twist at the end also which adds even more and perhaps this has my favorite ending quote to a movie ever. "Sarah be by bloody Valentine" in a sadistic voice followed by an even creepier laugh and rhyme.

Now onto the new version which includes the following.
-Bloodlust:MBV and the rise of the slasher film-a nice little documentary about what films influenced MBV and an interview with director George Mihalka
-Bloodlines:An interactive horror film history which is just an interactive menu where you can select certain horror genres ans see which films were considered a particular genre
And last but not least
-deleted scenes
1.Opening sequence-adds a bit more visual footage to the female victim getting pushed onto the pick axe and the pick axe piercing through her chest
2.Mabel in the dryer-this scene was very nice to see intact for the first time,you get a much better view of mabel's burnt body spinning around in the dryer
3.Happy's surprise-another scene thats nice to see uncut.The killer plungning the pick axe through Happy's neck and out through his eye and then dragging him through the road.
4.Dave gets dunked-Bits of added footage to Dave's head getting dunked into boiling water
5.Sylvia in the shower-a real nice extended scene of the killer picking up stlvia and pinning her head through the shower pipe
6.Nail Gun-perhaps one of the best extended scenes.In the original we can barely make out what happens but in this one you see the killer actually shooting the nails into Hollis from point blank range
7.Beheading-you get to see Howard's head actually snap off and get decapitated.Very nice.
8.Pick axe to the torso-just a little bit more in terms of facial expression
9.Axel's flashback-we get an extended glimpse of harry warden killing axel's dad and cutting his heart out
10.End sequence-a nice added version of the killer cutting his own arm off after being trapped under the debris along with my favorite end quote.

Now you can watch this movie with all these deleted scenes in-tact or without them.Who in their right mind is going to watch this movie without them now.All in all it was simply joyful to see this movie uncut finally.Makes me like this even more since stuff doesn't seem missing anymore.Final verdict
4 out 5 hearts


-we all go a little crazy sometimes

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