Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inglorious Basterds Quick Review

A flim by Quentin Tarantino,and you can tell right by the opening scene and credits.The visuals on this scene are incredible,lush green and rich farmland dominate the screen.

The film opens on a dairy farm in Nazi occupied France as we see an approaching Col Hans Landa.He quickly invites himself in and lets the farmer know what he is here for,to find all hiding Jews.He gets the farmer to admit he is hiding Jews under the floor and Landa has them killed off rather quickly except for one,a girl named Shoshana who manages to escape.

We then meet Aldo Raine(Brad Pitt)leader of the basterds.He quicky informs his soldiers what he wants them to do.......kill Nahzi's.He demands the scalps of 100 dead Nazhi's from each basterd.His group has become widely known around Germany as the Inglorious basterds and one of his soldiers has become know as the "the bear Jew" cause he smashes Nazi's skulls in.

Next we meet Shoshana who now has changed her name and is running a theatre in France.Shoshana quicky catches the eye of a German soldier who pursues her and later we find out is war hero Fredrick Zoller,the german Private York. He gets Joseph Goebbels to premiere his new film as Shoshana's theatre which will be attended by all the higher-ups in the third Reich including Hitler himself.Shoshana and her black projectionist quickly come up with a plan to burn down the theatre for the premiere.Meanwhile Raine and the basterds have their own plan to blow-up and take out the theatre and the third Reich also,however their plan goes astray when Col Hans Landa is able to detect that Raine and his helped aren't the italian film-making crew they claim to be.All this sets up for a great final chapter.

What I dug so much about this flim was the acting.Col Hans Landa played by Christopher Waltz put on a hell of a performance. He's brillant,ironic,mannered,crazy and evil all rolled into one.He always appears to stare right through his adversaries.Brad Pitt's portrayal of Aldo Raine is downright hilarious.His southern accent was hilarious and him pretending to be italian was even funnier...Bonjourno,correcto....He really impressed me in this film with his acting abilities.Shoshana,played by Melanie Laurent also was impressive,her quiet personality not overshadowed by her hate of the Nazi's was a treat to watch.Not to mention she is a treat on the eyes and her French was incredibily sexy. Tarantino definitely did his homework again for this film.The one thing I didn't like was his casting of Mike Myers...err Austin Powers as General Ed Fenech.He seemed out of place and hard to take serious.Notable mentions also to Eli Roth as the bear jew and Martin Wuttke and Sylvester Groth and Hitler and Goebbels.

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