Friday, June 4, 2010

Quick Review:Paranormal Entity

Not to be confused with Paranormal Activity which is what this film was rounded after.Of course they claim this all to be and based on true events when they flash this on screen before the movie starts

"Last fall, Thomas Finley was arrested for the rape and murder of his 19 year old sister, Samantha Finley. He was also charged with the murder of Edgar Lauren, a paranormal investigator. Thomas claimed the victims were attacked by a demonic entity of unknown origin. Shortly after, he committed suicide while in prison."

The Asylum who made this movie even try to convince us its real by having no credits rolled and no home screen on the dvd . I must say I definitely thought this was real.....REAL BORING!

The plot of course is somewhat similar to Paranormal Activity.Taking the advice of a Paranormal Expert, the Finley's are told to document any activity that takes place in their home,this of course is done by the son Thomas setting of video cameras all over the house,including his sisters room(who like the girlfriend in PA is a big breasted girl),his mothers room and the living room.

If you though Paranormal Activity was boring you ain't seen nothing yet.Here we are treated to the brother Thomas prancing around after him mom and sister filming them and generally annoying them and us at the same time.Almost every night is documented and we the viewer keep waiting for something to happen but nothing does.When they finally attempt to make something happen is comes across as more humorous than scary.One example of this is when the crucifix hanging above Samantha's bed falls during one of these documentations.We are then treated to a debate about how the crucifix fell and why it rolled into the corner,"square objects don't roll" we are told.Then another night in a scene to familiar of Paranormal Activity,we see the discovery of footprints on the ceiling.....oh wow...scary.
The most humorous part however is when Thomas decided to rig up tripwires with bells attached to warn him when the entity is prancing around...of course it works!

There is genuinely nothing scary about this film,it basically consists of screaming,crying and loud noises that are more irritating then scary. The acting like many of us would have suspected is so over the top its hard not to cringe.Oh and the entire climax happens off camera..brill ant.

In closing I don't think Paranormal Activity is a masterpiece,I think it was over hyped but it was made better and was definitely more entertaining and less annoying than Paranormal Entity.So when you see these two sitting next to each other at the video either Paranormal Activity or neither one.

Oh and as for it being real this flashes finally at the end
All events, characters, and firms depicted in this photoplay are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental


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