Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Review:Deadgirl

Not to be confused with the dead girl which featured the late Brittany Murphy.Quite frankly this is a tough one to review,it's a very sick and disturbing movie.It's pretty much a movie about out of control adolescents and how far they'd go to "get some" if you would.

Two socially out casted teenage boys,JT and Rickie are bored and one day after school they decide to go to an old building which was some sort of mental hospital,and destroy it.After a few beers they venture downstairs into a boileroom and find a naked unconscious girl strapped down to a table.Apparently she is dead,or not. The one boy JT decides hey this a dead helpless woman,lets fuck her.Sure, why not?I mean what would you do in a situation like that.Turns out though she is dead but not really dead,she is some sort of a zombie I guess,able to take multiple beatings,stabbings and rapes and still be...not dead.Of course the one teenager Rickie starts to feel somewhat guilty while JT has decided to make this deadgirl his personal sex slave.Without giving too much away the third act is really interesting,features some deadly confrontations and the ending is also somewhat of a shocker.

I always try to put myself in the characters head and I did in this one as well.I asked myself "If I was in high-school and came upon this situation what would I have done".I can tell you one thing I was no goody two shoes but fucking a deadgirl wouldn't have been at the top of my list but I guess there are adolescents that would do this in today's sick world and thats what this movie shows us.The film is well written and for a horror movie it's incredibly grim,sadistic and non-forgiving.It's not for everyone to watch but it's definitely a somewhat original idea and a sort of interesting take in the zombie genre if you can categorize it that way.


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