Friday, February 20, 2009

Movie Review:Quarantine

Before starting I must say that no I haven't seen the spanish movie [rec] which is the original version. But as we know everything from overseas gets remade these days and most end of failing. Since I haven't see [rec] I really can't compare but I must say Quarantine is a scary and suspense filled ride with some genuinely creepy moments.

The movie follows Angela(Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter) who is a reality TV reporter and her camera man Scott(Steve Harris) as they do a show on firemen and their extreme hours of work.We meet Jake(Jay Hernandez) and Fletcher(Jonathan Schaech).Halfway through and uneventful night they get a call that takes them to an apartment building where the police are already there. They enter the building learning that the call was because of an old women who has apparently started screaming and going crazy. Upon entering her room they find her bloodied and in somewhat of a trance.This a real effective scene in that you know something is going to happen but you don't know how. Something does happen and then a few minutes later another scene that involves someone else becoming seriously injured really throws the viewer for a ride. Eventually the residents learn the cdc(center for disease control)has closed the building off and none of them are allowed to leave.They have learned something the residents don't know.

This movie follows the handheld craze featured earlier in cloverfield,diary of the dead and a bunch of others.I would say this movie in particular made very good use of the handheld cam. Its shakey at some points but you never really lose anything from it. At other points you see a lot of close-ups that work well cause after all it is scarier when you don't see every single thing going on around you. A good portion also takes place in the dark and they also do a good job of showing just enough of a glimpse of the infected and just enough flashes of carnage. And yes these victims do become infected with some kind of virus.It makes them foam at the mouth and become very violent.Thye are not zombies though.The makeup effects on the infected are top notch. Some of the gore is also very good with skin being ripped apart and bones sticking out.

In terms of scares and tension this film is nicely done. There is also no musical score in this so there is no buildup to a scary moment.There are lots of holy shit moments and sudden jumps and sudden noises that very easily startle you.And I must note that the end scene in this movie is so filled with tension that you could cut it with a knife.
The acting in this movie is pretty good also. Jennifer Carpenter really turned in a good performance. Her screams are genuine and her heavy breathing both are very believeable. She shows what its like to potray fear.Also an honorable mension to Jay Hernandez as the somewhat calm and collected fireman,I was rooting for him.I also liked him in Hostel.
In closing this was a lot better than I expected and now I hope to be able to view [rec] sometime soon.This might be a movie where both versions are equally enjoyable.

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