Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday the 13th Blu-ray Review

There really is no point in going over the story,I think almost everyone has seen this movie or knows the story. But a quick recap,a bunch of couselors go to Camp Crystal Lake to work on it and eventually end up getting offed one by one. Little do they know that the cap has supposedly been jinxed since 1958 when a bunch of murders occurred and years later when someone started a fire there.
This edition is uncut and all in all has 14 seconds of added footage.You see a bit more in a couple deaths including Kevin Bacons but this is a very tame movie compared to today's slashers. The blu-ray is a mixed bag.It definitely looks better than the standard dvd issue and the daytime scenes are very sharp and detailed and very colorful. But the nightime scenes look really grainy and at a few junctions out of focus.One of the average blu-ray releases but like i said still better than the standard dvd.The extras include

Friday the 13th Reunion and Fresh Cuts:A Q&A with the cast from a convention along with Cunningham and Savini
The Man Behind the Legacy: Sean S. Cunningham:Pretty much his thoughts on the franchise,in particular this one
Lost Tales from Camp Blood:a short movie of some random people at camp blood
The Friday the 13th Chronicles: cast and crew insights
Secrets Galore Behind the Gore:the magic of Tom Savini
Some screenshots from the blu-ray

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