Monday, February 9, 2009

Friday the 13th 3D Review

The 3d actually looks somewhat decent,i was so excited for this one thinking damn I want to see a knife pop out at me or an ax swung at me. It didn't let down,though not as effective as seeing it in the movies or watching the new realD effect, it still worked. It was nothing spectacular but I don't think I'll ever be watching the 2d version of this entry again. The film itself is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine since for some reason I have seen this one the least out of all the fridays. This of course is also the movie where Jason gets his hockey mask.
The plot is nothing new,a clan of teenagers holed up at a cabin for a fun weekend. Only Jason is still alive and has some other plans for them.There are some annoying characters though,just a warning.Shelly the prankster fat kid got on my nerves all movie long and the whole biker gang were hilarious in a bad way.Not bad ass at all.
Actually the main reason to get this is for the paper old-school 80s 3d glasses. Doesn't get any better cause the only special feature on this dvd is a trailer.

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