Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quick Review:Paranormal Activity

We've heard all the praise for this film.."scarier than the exorcist".."the scariest movie in ages"....and so on. Those are to say it nicely,way off base. Not to say it wasn't creepy,it did have a couoke creepy scenes and made me jump once but thats about all it had going.

We meet young couple Kate and Micah who have a nice new house but are being disturbed by weird happenings and sounds at night,mainly bothering Kate. Micah decides to set up a camera in their bedroom at night to try and get some of these strange occurences or sounds caught on tape. Besides that Kate also has a pyschic come to the house and we learn Kate has a past of otherwordly encounters dating back to her childhood,during which a tradgic accident occured.The pyschic leads Kate to believe that it is a demon haunting her and not a ghost,he says he doesnt deal with demons and gives her a reference to get in contact with(she later does but he of course was out of town).Micah eventually tempts the demon with a foolish Ouija board moment after he'd be warned by the pyschic and Kate not to.Micah was quite an annoying character as he constantly provokes and trash talks to the demon. After that things get much worse for the couple.

The movie is very slow as we get to watch time recorded bedroom surveillance footage. We hear louds bangs some night,see doors close themselves some nights and lights go on and off themselves other nights.Those are light scares and I kept waiting and waiting for something more,something scarier to happen.It finally did towards the 50 minute mark when things got much more creepier. One effective scene to me was seeing front prints in the powder that Micah laid down which lead to the attic where he finds a picture of kate that she had not seen in years.Attics to me are just very creepy,and dark and you never know what is up there. That scene and the scene where Kate gets dragged away were the most effective in the film. There are also 2 endings..and a third that I haven't seen but have heard if you havent seen this stop reading now

Theatrical ending...Kate wanders downstairs and then starts screaming,Micah runs to her aid, a seconds later he ends up screaming and we hear footsteps up the stairs....and bam all of a sudden Micah is hurled towards the screen,and Kate with blood on her stomach hovers of his body and smells it like some kind of animal.I didn' care for this ending much,what was the point of here acting like some kind of animal?was the demon an animal?..and why did she throw him and not just kill him first?

Alternate ending..same setup only this time Kate comes up the stairs and into the bedroom with a knife in her hand and blood on her shirt,she slowly looks at the screen and slits her own throat.To me this ending makes a little more sense to me,perhaps she has been possessed by this demon that forced her to kill her boyfriend and the only way to get out of its grasp was to off yourself.

The movie like I said had some creepy parts but I felt like you could have just watched the last 35-40 minutes of it and wouldn't have missed much at all. Not enough happened before that to really keep me that interested.But props to Oren Peli for pulling off a decent film for a mere $15000.


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