Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3d

Yes 3D is fucking awesome and as soon as I saw the previews for this movie I knew I’d have to see this, plus I loved the original so that made me even more pumped for this one. I’m not one who complains about all these remake s coming along, to me I don’t want them to be exactly like the original, I just want to have a fun time watching it. I’ve loved some recent remakes such as the hills have eyes and the texas chainsaw massacre, GASP I even liked Zombies Halloween. For this I just wanted cool 3d glasses..Kidding.
This movie stays somewhat true to the original but also offers some new twists and dynamics which I happened to like. There are of course Axel and Tom along with Sarah and of course the pick axe wielding Psycho miner Harry Warden. Much like the original there was an accident in the mine which trapped a bunch of miners in the mine. Somehow the mine-owners son Tom was at fault for it. Only Harry Warden survives and he ends up mashing the other survivors heads in to conserve air. He is later found in a coma and awakens on Valentine ’s Day, surprise. As soon as he wakes up he becomes psycho-miner, killing almost the entire hospital in a very bloody way. Limbs are ripped off, bodies cut open and hearts ripped out in one of the movies most visceral scenes. We go to the mines where Axel is attending a party along with his current sweetheart Irene. Later on they are joined by Tom and Sarah, right from the start it is apparent Tom and Axel don’t care for each other. Into the mine they go where guess who shows up…Harry Warden. He kills a couple of dumb teenagers on his way for Tom. Axel and Irene escape and Axel grabs Sarah also leaving Tom behind. Tom is about to get pick-axed when the sheriff (played by horror legend tom Atkins save him). He shoots Harry a bunch of times and he runs off and we later learn the mine collapsed on him. We then fast forward 10 yrs to see that Axel has married his rivals’ old flame Sarah and they have 2 kids. Tom has left town and is returning to sell his father’s mine. Of course he returns and voila the killings start again. One of the most fucked up scenes in a good way is this little midget getting pick-axed through the ceiling by the pick axe wielding psycho. This is immediately followed by another blood splattered scene in which Irene, axels old flame is brutally murdered . Is Harry Warden back? She is completely naked throughout this scene and she actually puts up a little fight but eventually she is left dismembered in a heart shaped hot-tub!! Brillant touch I might add. Of course everyone thinks that Harry is back from the dead but Axel right away tabs Tom as the +1 suspect. Tom of course thinks Axel is responsible and is not what he seems. This of course sets off the mystery of who is the killer. Now I must say the acting for this movie is not bad at all. Jamie king looks more regular girl next door with the brown hair and she gives a believable performance. Kerr Smith who play Axel also gives a surprising performance despite looking a tad young for a sheriff. He actually made me think maybe he is a little crazy himself and maybe he is the killer. Tom is played by Jenson Ackles who I’ve never heard off but apparently he is on some wb show. He did a somewhat good job also though I think I could have done a better job!
What really makes this movie work though is the 3d. Eyeballs, limbs and pick axes fly at you while The killers-Miners head-lamp shines on you. It feels like you are actually inside the movie and even the sex scene in 3d is nifty, as if I was in the same room. I don’t know how this movie would look in regular 2d, though I’m sure I still my slasher loving self would have still enjoyed it. But I definitely look forward to some more 3d movies hitting the screen and I look even more forward to this movie hitting blu-ray and I actually saved my trippy 3d glasses.
8 out of 10 hearts

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