Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick Review:Urban Legends:Final cut

Joey Lawrence is in the cast,that should have been enough said right there.Not to say this was the worst movie I ever saw but it was nowhere near the original Urban Legend which had some originality and was somewhat fun to watch.

This was shifts to a new location from Pendleton University to Alpine University Film School where student filmakers must create original film to graduate and to compete for the Hitchcock Award.Amie Mayfield(Jennifer Morrison) comes up with the idea to make a film based on a killer who muders people using Urban Legends.Of course soon after she starts filming,a killer starts hacking up the crew of students helping her on the movie.Amie is left to try and piece together who may be the culprit and to also save herself.There are a bunch of red herrings early on,some probably would have made more sense than final reveal of the killer.The film itself I think like many other scream inspired slashers tries to hard to be funny and ultimately almost becomes a parody...ala Scary movie.In fact there was really only one scene that I dug and thought was suspenseful.Most of the characters are also dull and underdeveloped and we never really care for them,whereas in the original most were likable in their own ways.Another thing I didn't care for was the fact that they didn't tie anything together from the original and what went on at Pendleton.It offers no resolution and no insight into the killer from the original and leaves us scratching our heads.

Acting:The acting wasn't that bad,Amy(Jennifer Morrison) was good,she was pretty believable and shows a good range of emotions.Graham(Joey Lawrence)sucked and was just an annoying brat on his cellphone for most of the movie.A young Eva Mendes who played Vanessa,a lesbian sound girl was wasted and not given much to work with.There was also Stan and Dirk(Anthony Anderson and Michael Bacall),two special effect geeks who come across way to annoying to be likable. Reese(Loretta Devine) from the original has a few parts and does a decent job.

Gore:Not much to write about but it did have a decent decapitation scene

Rewatchabilty:4,save yourself and watch the original Urban Legend

Closing:Urban Legends:Final Cut had all the pieces in place to be a decent sequel but director John Ottman never took advantage of it a we get a run of the mill,below average slasher.One of worst parts of this is the killer,lame..lame and lame.There is a little surprise if you can make it and watch some of the closing credits.


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