Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday the 13th:The final chapter

A mixed bag in my opinion,had a nice body count(13 from what I counted), but other than that it was average. The plot is of course about Jason still being alive. Takes place right after part 3 ,Jason is taken to the hospital where he is thought to be dead. But still alive he slaughters the 2 hospital workes and heads back to Camp Crystal lake where the Jarvis family now lives. Tommy Jarvis is played by Corey Feldman...LOL! A group of teenagers end up renting the house next to them. The only known standout out is Crispin Glover. Well bodies stop piling up,some decent kills but kind of bland to me.

But there is a couple things I liked about this chapter that I think saved it from being completely terrible. One is seeing Jasons mangled,deformed face.

The other is how Jason is killed,little Tommy Jarvis is a mask creator and he shaves his head and dons make up to look like little Jason Voorhees after seeing a neswspaper article of Jason. He ends of slashing him in the head. Yes a little corny that an eight year old could do somehow kill Jason but it works well. Add to that the fact that after Jason is laying on the floor barely alive twitching Tommy continues to hack away at him looking completely insane. The last scene in the hosiptal features Tommy hugging his sister with a weird face still looking completely insane. Scarred for life

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