Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick Review:Daybreakers

Wasn't expecting to see this one in the theatre but I did and I found myself somewhat entertained.It was certainly nice to see a nasty,mean spirited Vamp film instead of a mushy,soft-teen-aged one.This was made by the Spierig brothers who did the 2003 zombie film Undead.
The storyline is pretty straightforward and simple.Its 2019 and Vampires rule the word after forcing the humans to assimilate.When the humans said no the Vampires decided to use them for their blood .There are not many humans left alive but the Vampires blood source is rapidly running out.And its up to Edward(Ethan Hawke)a vampire himself to come up with some plasma subsitute or else its the end of days for them.We learn although he is a vampire he doesn't agree with his own kind and wants to help the humans.He evenyually joins forces with Lionel(an Elvis obsessed Wilem Dafoe) who has a cure to vampirism and Audrey(Claudia Karvan).

It is a very interesting premise and I really dug some of the visuals.We see Hundreds of humans strung up in some huge glass room as their blood is taken from them.We see how the Vampires have adjusted ,as they have cars that are sunlight proof and homes that are also sunlight proof.It's a nifty take on a new world and I wish they would have showed more of this New Vampire world.There also are some really amazing looking monsters as we see how when deprived of blood they turn into sub-siders ....meaning more batlike.One scene in particular really showcases this and gives you a nice little scare.Its sports quite a few jumps that you don't see coming and startle you.There is a nice amount of gore as well,best parts being a decapitation and a blown-up head.

Daybreakers is Well acted,has a decent amount of scares and some nice gore but at the same time is also drags in certain parts and doesn't feature enough action scenes to really get you into it.But as I said earlier it was nice to see a more adult take on the Vampire surge.



Geof said...

Eroik - Great review! I think this one is looked upon badly in the mainstream (go figure) and even some horror sites, but I just saw this on Sunday and liked it. I agree with all points you listed especially the acting quality. My review will be posted some this week if I can ever get through the stuff I'm working on now.

Geof said...

Wow I didn't mean to duff for name like that dude. Sorry!

Erik said...

Ha,No problem and I look forward to your review of it.


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