Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick Review:Survival of the dead

After Diary of the dead which I thought was average at the most and I thought maybe just maybe his next film would be an improvement,unfortunately it was not.It was actually much less enjoyable and something I will probably never watch again.

Survival of the dead is about 2 feuding families on Plum Island,the Muldoon family and the O'Flynn family who differ on what to do with the dead.One family wants to educate them if you will and the other wants to exterminate them.They are soon joined by a group of soldiers and a teenage boy who hear about this through a YouTube video.(rolls eyes:once again I hate movies that involve YouTube,seems so in your face all the time).Of course the soldiers soon pick a side and you get your feud.But besides that he bulk of this movie consists of the Muldoons and O'flynns complaining about one another.There is no tension whatsoever in this movie,the gore is there,though a bit to cgish at times but I thought there should be some scares,after all this is a horror movie,right?Instead characters walk around completely unfazed,unscared and or even effected much by the dead.

So much that I disliked about this movie had to do with the characters and the story,not one character was remotely likable and they all come off like whiny,obnoxious assholes.They were all under developed,shallow and I doubt anyone watching really cared what happened to them either.The teenage boy had to be the worst out of all them.Partick O'Flynn also was quite annoying at times and I just wanted his character to die.As for the storyline,how do you expect a viewer to give a shit about some absurd family feud,I know I sure as hell didn't.Besides it seems pretty simple,wouldn't you want your loved ones to rest in peace rather than be chained to a leash as a mindless deadhead.Then you add in the retarded twin subplot and it becomes more ridiculous.

Other little things also made me scratch my head,the main one being how is there still electricity,Internet and even television weeks into this dead-rising.How is it that nobody else has bothered to check if the Ferry was usable?or if it had gas?or if it had zombies on it?How is it that a zombie can somehow now ride a horse?

For a zombie movie I think this had the least amount of zombies as any other Romero film.I understand that Romero is trying to show us the we the people are the real threat but he went way too overboard trying to force-feed this down our mouths.

This is what Romero is today I guess,I mean I can't get on the guy too much,he did pretty much invent the zombie genre but that doesn't mean I have to automatically like everything he puts out.This to me is Romero at his laziest and I definitely rank this at the bottom of his deads along with diary though diary is a little more enjoyable than this.


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