Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick Review:Night of the Demons(2009)

Where do I start?I guess I could start at the one good thing,the cast,it had some pretty faces for us guys...thats about the only positive I could say about it though
Cast includes:Shannon Elizabeth,Diora Baird(mmmm)Monica Keena and Bobbi(not a guy)Sue Luther and a out of shape tired looking Edward Furlong.

Plot:Slutty Angela(Shannon Elizabeth) is throwing a Halloween bash at the legendary Broussard Mansion(which is New Orleans" legendary haunted spot). So long as you have money you can get in and get drunk,and get high and fuck.Of course Havoc soon occurs as a group of seven is stranded in the mansion.Little do they know that there are some demons laying in the basement waiting to be reanimated by some dumb-asses.The demons soon start possessing them one by one and we learn that if they possess all seven of these people they can rule the world...really.The trick is the demons only have till dawn to make this happen.Can the group survive till dawn??

For such as hot cast it's kind of a shame there isn't more nudity,not that its all I look for but when you assemble a cast of hotties like that we should get something other then a few brief shots.I was waiting for Bobbi Sue's Luthers breasts to pop out of the top the whole time,I think that held my attention more than the rest of the movie.

I guess I can give it away but Diora Bairds character gets killed by anal sex,yes you heard it right.She also magically jams lipstick into her nipple and pulls it out of her cooter,I kid you not.Other than that there isn't much to make note of,your average amount of gore.

None whatsover,I wasn't expecting to watch a serious horror movie,I knew it was somewhat campy but there was no tension whatsover and not even many cheap/jump scares.

Final Say:
Not the worst remake I have ever seen but I do feel they could have pushed the envelope a little more,after all it was direct to dvd.I also found more than a few parts absolutely ridiculous.Worth a watch or rental but do not buy.


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