Sunday, February 15, 2009

Movie Review:The Uninvited

I had some doubts seeing this for a few reasons doesn't work for me in the most part

2.seems like the story had been done many times before

3.Its an american remake of a semi popular asian film

The story is about Anna who returns home after a stint in the mental hospital following the death of her mom in a fire. Upon returning she's see's that her dad has hooked up with their mothers caretaker Rachel(Elizabeth Banks) . She reunites with her sister Alex(Arielle Kebbel) and soon after starts having nightmares and visions of the night her mom died. She see's her mom and creepy kids in her visions.She just can't remember the whole night,only parts of it. Of course being pg-13 it has to rely on jumps and loud noises and so on. Maybe a couple of them worked but for the most part it's not that scray at all. For a pg-13 movie that works well and is creepy I say look at the ring.

Eventually Anna believes that her fathers new flame Rachel was respnsible for her moms death. She starts digging up her past and going through all her belongings determined to find something on her. She eventually finds something but not what you think. The ending of this movie sports a big twist that I didn't expect cause I actually have not caught the asian version just yet. I liked the twist a decent amount and think it worked somewhat well.

Overall it was about average,I think Elizabeth Banks did a decent job as the evil step mom(or isn't she evil?).I like Arielle Kebbel a lot also,she is easy to look at and easy to root for. Anna played by Emily Browning also turned in a believable performance. For the most part I think if this relied a litte more on atmosphere instead of cheap jumps it would have worked better. I do rate it above one missed call,shutter and the eye though in terms of remakes.

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