Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quick Review:House(1986)

A blast from the past indeed as I finally got around to getting the dvd of this.House quite simply put is one of those cheesy 80s movies that people seemed to forget about except its quite good.It plays the horror-comedy genre to a tee.

The Plot:William Katt stars as Roger Cobb,a somewhat down and out horror author who is having quite the few problems to write home about.His beautiful actress wife has left him,his only son has dissappeared and his aunt that helped raise him has hung herself in an apparent suicide.Cobb soon after moves into his Aunts house to write his next novel which will be telling about his experience in Vietnam.He starts seeing monsters,weapons and other dimensions as his inner demons try to conquer him.

The movie is a blast to watch a nice break once again from todays cgi heavy monsters.The creatures in this film are damn impressive for its time,they look real but almost come across in a caroonish way.There is enough humor and just enough scares to keep any horror-comedy fan entertained.The first time Roger opened that closet really had me jump as well as the first time we come into contact with the fat-bitch monster.Real cool scenes!The house is quite creepy and I for one wouldn't want to live in that house alone.We also get an undead soldier running rampant as Roger becomes more and more convinced that the house it to blame for all of his problems including the dissappearance of his son.

Acting:Top Notch performance from William Katt who does well with the troubled writer stoyline but also adds some nice touches of humor.George Wendt of cheers fame also does well as Rogers somewhat annoying neighbor Harold.

Gore:Not much gore but enough which was a nice change of pace from some of heavy 80s gore.

Soundtrack:Some great songs here,including the shirelles and a great chilling score by Harry Manfredeni

It was Directed by Steve Miner of F13th fame and written by Ethan Wiley with some credit to Fred Dekker

Cool creatures,more than enough laughs,a creepy house and a chilling score,what more could you want from a 80s B movie.DING DONG,YOU'RE DEAD


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