Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Review:Altitude

Once again a movie that after seeing the trailers for...looked like it could be something fairly enjoyable.It featured 2 up and coming hotties(Julianna Guill,yes the amazing girl from F 13 2009 and Jessica 90201,Autopsy Lowndes) and what looked like some unique Creature with tentacles pulling a small plane towards it.It sounded good until actually watching or struggling to watch the movie.

The Plot: Rookie pilot Sara(Lowndes) decides to test out her newly minted flying skills by taking her friends to the coldplay concert.Rookie pilot...I'm sure you guessed something was going to go wrong fairly soon and it does as the planes instruments malfunction and mechanical failures ensues slightly after they enter a mysterious cloud-bank.Unable to communicate with anyone through radar, Sara and her friends are left stranded ..flying through an endless mist.But they are not alone....there is some kind of creature with them
The Good:Sara(Lowndes) and Mel(Guill) do a decent job with a horrible script and some of the dialogue left me embarrassed. I actually liked both of their characters and with this script the fact that they came off likable is an attribute to them.

The creature,for the small glimpses we get of looked really cool and unique,too bad we barely see it.

The Bad:Every character besides Lowndes and Guill I absolutely despised and all made such idiotic choices even I was left shaking my head.To top it off I don't know who was worse between Bruce(Sara's love interest..or so we think) and jock,resident big mouth Sal(Jake Weary).I couldn't wait for both of them to bite the bullet.Bruce(played by Landon Liboiron) was so unbelievable it was cringe-worthy and that dumb,confused look on his face half the film didn't help either.Someone get this kid some acting lessons.
The fact that the creature was barely in the movie made things even worse,I wonder why the creature was in it at all,Maybe just for the trailers to brew up interest.

The ugly: I get that this is sci-fi and I'm not one to get on films for being too unbelievable but come on.....tying a rope around someone at 20000 feet to go outside and fix the tail of a plane..really?really? really?...They should have done anything possible to not include that part in the movie.
The Twist....once again...really?really?

Closing:What seemed like a cool direct to dvd movie is actually complete garbage not even worth a rental.Watch the trailer,at least that was enjoyable and you save yourself an hour and 20 minutes of the day.


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