Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick Review:Jennifers Body

Or should we call this was Megan's body!!!

The plot of this one is fairly simple,High school cheerleader Jennifer Check is turned into a flesh craving succubus by an emo-inspired satan worshipping band,leaving her best friend Needy(Amanda Seyfried)to deal with the consequences.

I watched this and then later found out that Diablo Cody had also directed Juno which I've only seen parts of.I didn't have may expectations for this one other than to google at Megan Fox but what I got was a pretty fun and entertaining horro(if you will)-comedy that reminded me of some bad 80s a good way.Megan Fox was born to play this role and is a treat for the eyes,and I actually think she fit in quite well with Cody's quirky dialogue.Although at times the dialogue got on my nerves for trying to be too cool(Example:Hey Monistat..whats up're lime green jello and you can't even admit it to yourself).I guess in the future we will see if Fox is capable of taking a more serious role to prove herself as something other than eye candy.Jennifer and Needy's relationship was interesting to watch also,the hottie and the nottie in a way.Needy always does what Jennifer wants her to do according to Chip(Needy's boyfriend).But it is Jennifer that is actually jealous of Needy,and even jealous of her relationship with chip.Seyfried(Needy) does a good job in this as well,I actually cared for her and even her boyfriend Chip.Both were very likable.Gorewise there were a few nice images(a split open corpse,intestine munching,bites,blood and a black bloodlike substance spewed out by Jennifer).
The soundtrack was quite good also,low shoulder's through the trees is quite catchy.

For anyone looking for a serious,thought out movie..skip Jennifers body..obviously.For people looking for a bloody,fun ,eye candy loaded and mindless 90 minutes with hottie Megan Fox strutting around...this is your film.It's too bad Megan's nude scene was cut..I think it really would have made some extra dough if that was included,but there at least a makeout scene between Megan and Amanda.


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