Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick Review:Dead Snow

Nazi Zombies, definitely an interesting and unique concept tacked by director Tommy Wirkola.He was definitely influenced by Sam Raimi(as he is referenced in this film) and Peter Jackson(a brain-dead alive t-shirt is worn by a character) as he lets the blood fly while never taking the movie to seriously.This works well as we get a slapstick Nazi Zombie movie.

Eight medical students are vacationing in Finmark for their Easter break I presume.They are there to drink,party and pretty much do all the stuff normal teenagers do. Shortly after arriving they get a knock at the door from you're token old-man who is their to warn them of impending danger.He tells them about a group of Nazis who were buried alive there during WWII and how there are ghost stories about them. Of course they believe him to be crazy.

Once the Nazi zombies do show up is when the film picks up.There is some fine f/x displayed here.A brains falls out of someone's head,chainsaw's rip people to pieces and intestines spill out as Wirkola tries to one up each previous scene.There is also a sex scene in a very odd place.We also get faster/running zombies here which I have no problem with. But I was hoping to see a little more of the one main zombie-Nazi-leader who only really came about towards the very end.The beautiful winter/snowy backdrop also adds a nice touch to the movie.I don't recall many zombie movies set at a snowny mountain.

What you get is a nicely filmed,beautifully set,asinine movieand I mean that in a good way.Going in to this you knew you had to somewhat expect this,I mean Nazi Zombies,come on.But most people should enjoy this,it's a concept that really hasn't been done and it was pulled it off fairly well.

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