Monday, January 11, 2010

Review:Drag me to Hell

When I saw this in the theatre I didn't expect to love it so much but it is By far my favorite movie of 2009,a fun but yet creepy horror flick that bought Sam Raimi back to his rightful Genre.

When Christine Brown(Alison Lohman) a loan officer refuses to grant an extension to Mrs Ganush,All Hell breaks loose as Mrs Ganush puts an old gypsy curse on Christine that will take her to hell in 3 days.

Raimi really did an amazing job on this,reminiscent of the Evil Dead 2 in many ways.He uses everyday objects and awesome creepy shadows and visuals to spook us.And the way he shows the evil entity also through these shadows is pure genius and very old-school which was refeshing in todays world of movies.And yes you will get spooked at a few scenes.It's a very fast paced movie that gives us one efficient scene after another.Lots of tongue in cheek humor throughout this as besides being spooked you will definitely be cracking up at certain points.

Lots and lots of gross out moments,with my personal favorite being when Christine spews up blood all over her boss at the bank which leaves him asking,"Did I get any in my mouth".Eyeballs and teeth go flying,bugs are spewed up and even animals are sacrificed as Raimi really gives us a good time.There is an awesome seance scene and a great graveyard scene as well.Yes there were a few spots where the cgi kind of looked lame,but it's so brief and you are having such a blast besides those that you are easily able to overlook it.

Acting is solid in this as well as Alison Lohman really put on a good performance as the damsel in distress.There is something about her that is downright adorable and she becomes very easy to root for in this.You can't help but think this poor girl doesn't deserve all this. Justin Long who played Christine's boyfriend also did a wonderful job again.He has that nice-guy persona to a tee.And bravo to Lorne Raver who played Mrs Ganush.She is able to truly creep you out why also making you grossed out at the same time.

Once again though I can't stress what a good time this movie was.It's scary,creepy,disgusting and funny at the same time.A breathe of fresh air and Raimi shows he can make a truly terrifying film even with a pg-13 rating.Raimi please stay in this genre and make another Evil Dead.

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