Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quick Review:Splice

It was good to see a horror movie hit the theatres that wasn't a remake,re imagining or whatever the hell you want to call it.Splice trailers had me interested and it looked like it had a cool concept behind it as well.It ended up being a nice little flick which was unique and unlike anything I had ever seen before.

The plot:Genetic engineers and couple Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa(Sarah Polly) do what we would call splicing.They splice together DNA from different animals to create new hybrids.Next up for them...Human DNA or so they think.The pharmaceutical company that funds their research basically tells them don't do it,they won't allow it.So what do Clive and Elsa do..they secretly conduct their own experiments and end up creating a weird,amazing and yet somewhat human creature they name Dren that shares some characteristics of humans and some of wild animals.However it soon starts to learn too much and grow way too much and Clive and Elsa are forced to deal with their very own nightmarish creation.

It's almost tough to call this horror,not a lot of gore or kills,it's almost more sci-fi drama than anything and I don't mean that in a bad away as the movie was very well character driven and well acted.It has some great undertones that deal with family,beastality,rape and inbreeding,all of that is really what made this film unique.I had no idea it would be dealing with deeper stuff like that.In fact I really think the message of this film was that we Humans are the true monsters and we usually don't know how to deal with our own consequences.That's all I will say without giving too much away.

Dren was really a sight to see,eventually growing into a humam-like girl,though with a much bigger head and with eyes way further apart.And a spiked tail.Dren in the later stages was played by Delphine Chaneac who does a fine job.Great creature effects at display here courtesy of Howard Berger.

The acting is solid here as well.Adrien Brody does a fine job despite his odd-looking nose that I can never not look at.Sarah Polly also is great as Elsa who is much more obsessed with their creation and also has some painful childhood memories that come to a head later in the film.

The film is shocking at times,creepy at times and even hilarious at one point.It is nowhere near perfect and is a bit slow at times but it still was refreshing to see a new and original idea.


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