Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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What? No. We can't stop here. This is bat country.

Quick Review:The Crazies

Directed by Breck Eisner. With Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Joe Anderson

Fear thy Neighbor,that's the punchline.Which I guess I would if my neighbor started acting strange and wanted to kill me.
That's the plot of the crazies as a mysterious virus infects the population of small town Ogden Marsh turning the residents into "crazies"intent on killing one another,and which soon leads to the military showing up to of course make matters worse.This is of course the remake of George Romero's original The Crazies(shame on me but I'm yet to see that one).
Timothy Olyphant plays David Dutton,sheriff of the small Iowa town,Radha Mitchell plays his physician wife.Both of them really are on their game here,both really likable and very believable,which was something this movie needed to be taken seriously.

The film had a lot else going for it,the opening scene in which the alleged town drunk roams into the outfield of a minor league baseball game with gun in had is compelling and gets you interested right from the get-go. Another great element of this film was the feel of small town America,the movie really nailed that look and feel. The one sheriff,one deputy law enforcement,the town doctor and the fact that everyone seems to know each other and each others business also conveys that general feeling.The wide shots of characters walking through open fields of nothing really are breathtaking.

Then of course there is the military element,busing the residents to concentration like camps,separating kids from parents and family members from one another,gas mask wearing soldiers just gunning down helpless civilians including a mother and son and of course the fact that they won't give any insight as to what is happening.

I like the tone here as well,it was like there was a real sense of hopelessness ,each time they think they maybe found something positive to build on..boom their hopes are dashed.
There isn't a ton of gore on display but there is some nice scenes including a bad-ass knife kill and a kill with some kind of surgical instrument.

The movie is well paced,entertaining,smart and has a few really nice set pieces.There are of course the jump scares but there are also some real gripping moments of tension as characters are stalked by "the crazies". It's definitely a nice entry into the horror genre.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Evil dead to hit blu-ray

Finally on August 31st

Babe of the day:Ashley Greene Part 2

When did she get soo fucking HOT and Gorgeous!I think she's marrying me tommorow

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quick Review:Splice

It was good to see a horror movie hit the theatres that wasn't a remake,re imagining or whatever the hell you want to call it.Splice trailers had me interested and it looked like it had a cool concept behind it as well.It ended up being a nice little flick which was unique and unlike anything I had ever seen before.

The plot:Genetic engineers and couple Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa(Sarah Polly) do what we would call splicing.They splice together DNA from different animals to create new hybrids.Next up for them...Human DNA or so they think.The pharmaceutical company that funds their research basically tells them don't do it,they won't allow it.So what do Clive and Elsa do..they secretly conduct their own experiments and end up creating a weird,amazing and yet somewhat human creature they name Dren that shares some characteristics of humans and some of wild animals.However it soon starts to learn too much and grow way too much and Clive and Elsa are forced to deal with their very own nightmarish creation.

It's almost tough to call this horror,not a lot of gore or kills,it's almost more sci-fi drama than anything and I don't mean that in a bad away as the movie was very well character driven and well acted.It has some great undertones that deal with family,beastality,rape and inbreeding,all of that is really what made this film unique.I had no idea it would be dealing with deeper stuff like that.In fact I really think the message of this film was that we Humans are the true monsters and we usually don't know how to deal with our own consequences.That's all I will say without giving too much away.

Dren was really a sight to see,eventually growing into a humam-like girl,though with a much bigger head and with eyes way further apart.And a spiked tail.Dren in the later stages was played by Delphine Chaneac who does a fine job.Great creature effects at display here courtesy of Howard Berger.

The acting is solid here as well.Adrien Brody does a fine job despite his odd-looking nose that I can never not look at.Sarah Polly also is great as Elsa who is much more obsessed with their creation and also has some painful childhood memories that come to a head later in the film.

The film is shocking at times,creepy at times and even hilarious at one point.It is nowhere near perfect and is a bit slow at times but it still was refreshing to see a new and original idea.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Babe of the day:Ashley Greene

Yeah she is from Twilight...but she is hot!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Wow,what a fucked up movie...Adrien could you do that?
people who saw it know what I am talking about

Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Review:The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red is another one of those direct to tv dvds that are so many times hit or miss. This one for the most part is a hit if you just want to enjoy a small little slasher film with a low budget.Add to that some nice gore,a nice plot and a pretty unique looking killer and I think you have the recipe for some success.

The Plot:Tyler(Tad Hilgenbrink) is a film student and horror movie buff who has become obsessed with discovering a legendary lost missing horror movie directed by Wilson Wyler Concannon(titled the Hills run red as well) that maybe was just to disturbing to ever be shown on the big screens.Concannon put all he had into this film to create the most realistic and sadistic horror movie ever.Along with him for the ride are his girlfriend/sound recorder Serena and his best friend Lalo/cameraman. The only lead he has on finding this said movie is the director Concannons daughter,who is a down and out stripper addicted to drugs.She was played by the lovely Sophie Monk who is not afraid to show herself.After Tyler helps her and rescues her from drugs she decides to help him and his friends finding the movie and agrees to take them to all the locations that the lost film was shot at.Once there the friends come face to face with legendary Babyface,the killer of the hills run red.

Part of what makes this movie work is the twists that follow as the friends document their adventures on camera.I won't give too much away but lets just say it involves some deception and some family values. Another part I enjoyed was the fact that the one character Lalo pretty much says what we all have been saying inside for multiple slasher films.To sum it up he says"Stay in the city and don't go to outskirts cause someone is always there waiting to off you."It kind of makes fun of the horror genre while also satisfying it. There is definitely some nice gore on display here,including one scene involving a tree that almost paid homage to the F13th films.

The killer who is aptly named babyface is also something I dug.His look was somewhat unique as he sports a cracked porcelain mask and a necklace of baby blocks and baby rattles.He is quick and doesn't hold back on any of his victims.I did however wish that we saw more of him and more of him in action.However sometimes less is more.

The acting is pretty solid as I really couldn't complain about anyone.They were all pretty believable and I also loved seeing Sophie Monk topless.The best performance in this movie was turned in by William Sadler who played Concannon.He added some credibility to the cast and stole most of the scenes he was in despite not appearing until the end part of the film.

I think this film is a nice little tribute to some of the low-budget 80's slashers that adds a fresh take on the basic teens go to woods get killed formula.It's entertaining,pretty intelligent and has some nice scares and chills as well.I would rather watch something like this any day of the week over a nigthmare on elm street/friday the 13th remake.


p.s-guys should see this just for sophie monks strip

Marisa Miller will you marry me Part 2?


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick Review:Pontypool(2009)

Shut up or die is the tagline. After seeing the movie it's definitely a good choice of words.I heard about this movie from various bloggers and sites and finally got a chance to view this.It's a very interesting and yet bizzarre movie but well made.

This movie is based on the book Pontypool changes everything by Tony Burgess.
The plot:DJ Grant Mazzy(a shock-jock radio host on the downside of his career) is on his way to work in the small Ontario town of Pontypool when a strange occurrence happens as he's stopped in his car.A women bangs on his window shouting indistinctly only to roam away before help.Little does Mazzy know that this is only the beginning of a number of totally strange and unbelievable events most notable reports from chopper man Ken who has witnessed some kind of violent outbreak by residents of this small town.Apparently these residents are murdering one another and speaking in strange and erratic speech patterns.Mazzy and his small crew,radio producer Sydney Bryar and technician Laurel Ann Drummond have a hard time believing what is happening and go as far as even thinking its some kind of hoax until the horde of crazed residents reaches their radio station.

The movie itself seems to be falsely identified by some as a zombie movie,while this is somewhat true ,this movie is definitely more of a surreal,mind bender flick that is more scifi than horror.Because we soon learn that people the virus is the English language and is being spread through certain words of endearment. Director Bruce McDonald was really able to craft a chilling atmosphere,that being Mazzy and his crew trapped inside this old radio station as more and more reports of mayhem come in..McDonald did a great job hinting of something going terrible wrong outside without hitting us over the head with it.Kudos also to Mazzy(Stpehen McHattie) and Sydney(Lisa Houle) who's reactions to some of these events keep the tension high and keep the story believable.

Later on a doctor arrives at the radio station and gives Mazzy and Sydney come clarification on what is going on.Once they find out it is the English language that is the virus they are forced to write and even speak in French in order to communicate and not become infected.There are several strange scenes where it appears Mazzy is infected only to snap out of it and another scene where Mazzy seems to come up with some pattern of random words that snap Sydney out of it.That was where I got the bizzarre idea from.

The fact that this film relies on a real intriguing premise IS definitely a breath of fresh air.I did feel it missed out a little though,it could have further explained the hows and whys and it wouldn't have hurt to show a little more of the chaos happening outside the station.But supposedly this is part of a trilogy and if that's true I would definitely like to see the next installment of this saga.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Beetlejuice said

"Ah, what do we have here? The Maitlands. Cute couple. Look nice and stupid."

Quick Review:Paranormal Entity

Not to be confused with Paranormal Activity which is what this film was rounded after.Of course they claim this all to be and based on true events when they flash this on screen before the movie starts

"Last fall, Thomas Finley was arrested for the rape and murder of his 19 year old sister, Samantha Finley. He was also charged with the murder of Edgar Lauren, a paranormal investigator. Thomas claimed the victims were attacked by a demonic entity of unknown origin. Shortly after, he committed suicide while in prison."

The Asylum who made this movie even try to convince us its real by having no credits rolled and no home screen on the dvd . I must say I definitely thought this was real.....REAL BORING!

The plot of course is somewhat similar to Paranormal Activity.Taking the advice of a Paranormal Expert, the Finley's are told to document any activity that takes place in their home,this of course is done by the son Thomas setting of video cameras all over the house,including his sisters room(who like the girlfriend in PA is a big breasted girl),his mothers room and the living room.

If you though Paranormal Activity was boring you ain't seen nothing yet.Here we are treated to the brother Thomas prancing around after him mom and sister filming them and generally annoying them and us at the same time.Almost every night is documented and we the viewer keep waiting for something to happen but nothing does.When they finally attempt to make something happen is comes across as more humorous than scary.One example of this is when the crucifix hanging above Samantha's bed falls during one of these documentations.We are then treated to a debate about how the crucifix fell and why it rolled into the corner,"square objects don't roll" we are told.Then another night in a scene to familiar of Paranormal Activity,we see the discovery of footprints on the ceiling.....oh wow...scary.
The most humorous part however is when Thomas decided to rig up tripwires with bells attached to warn him when the entity is prancing around...of course it works!

There is genuinely nothing scary about this film,it basically consists of screaming,crying and loud noises that are more irritating then scary. The acting like many of us would have suspected is so over the top its hard not to cringe.Oh and the entire climax happens off camera..brill ant.

In closing I don't think Paranormal Activity is a masterpiece,I think it was over hyped but it was made better and was definitely more entertaining and less annoying than Paranormal Entity.So when you see these two sitting next to each other at the video either Paranormal Activity or neither one.

Oh and as for it being real this flashes finally at the end
All events, characters, and firms depicted in this photoplay are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental



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