Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2:Often overlooked

It seems that over the years that many people love the first Nightmare and for good reason and love the thrid one,Dream Warriors.NOES 2 seems to be the ugly stepchild in this series and I don't understand why. It had a cool concept with Freddy trying to take over Jesse's body and get him to kill for him after Jesse has moved into Nancy's old house on elm street with his family.2 also had some really incredible scenes and visuals.Some of my favorites

The opening scene of the movie is great as we see Robert Englund actually driving the bus as a normal bus driver. Soon the bus goes off course and into this desert area and soon is balancing off a cliff.Bam suddenly Freddy appears and starts stalkign Jesse and 2 girls.Then we see it was just a dream.

Freddy tells Jesse you got body and I got the brains in reference to him getting Jesse to kill for him

Another classic scene is when the families birds go beserk. One parakeet has killed the other and it gets out of the cage and starts buzzing around divebombing into everyone.Eventually it burts into flames.Talk about an obscure scene to witness.

The Pool part scene also was good and featured Freddy at his meanest,just offing any kid that gets in his way while the whole area is surrounded by flames.

And finally the most disturbing scene to me is the shot of these dogs outside the powerplant with faces on them. It was just so strange that it actually freaked me out.

This movie is so 80s right down from the pool party to the outfits,to the brawl in gym class and whats coller than the 80s.It also gives more insight into Freddy.We learn where he worked and where he took all his victims to kill them and later on in the movie we go to that place.We find Nancy's diary and learn that her mother killed herself.We see Jesse completely unravel so much so that his dad thinks he's on drugs and his mom think he's crazy.The acting is nothing great but also not that terrible where I was cringing.There is one really corny scene that features Jesse dancing on his bed with a wooden

Another thing I love about this is Freddy's makeup looks different,it looks more gritty and authentic.Freddy is also much meaner is this movie,no one liners and no joking around,he is out for blood.Now I still prefer the original over this cause lets face it the original is a classic and one of my favorites of all time since it scared me so much as a kid. But there should be more love for Part 2.

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