Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Halloween 2:The Directors Cut

As one of the very few who seemed to enjoy RZ's Halloween 2 I was kind of eager to check out the unrated directors cut of this film.So I watched it and found a few things I liked.

In the DC we see more of the Laurie-Annie relationship and how it is very fractured and not all peachy like the theatrical cut led us to believe.Laurie blames herself for Annie's experience and near death and to Laurie ,Annie serves as a constant reminder of that faithful night on Halloween.Because Laurie feels so guilty she has a sense of anger towards Annie and in the other way Annie is tired of kinda being the mom and taking care of Laurie.Very interesting watching these 2 best friends go at it through-out this cut of the movie.

Another part left out of the theatrical cut was a scene involving Laurie at her therapist.In the Directors cut we see Laurie is a lot worse than we think,begging for more pills to get rid of the pain and eventually cursing out her therapist before storming out.This cut shows a much more fractured and confused Laurie.She even turns to drinking to help get rid of the pain.

And another difference is the ending.In the directors cut ending we see Michael Myers actually talk as he yells "die " to Dr Loomis before eventually getting shot.This I did not care for as much,I would have preferred Michael not to say anything ever,and the fact he yells die to Loomis didn't work for me.

As a whole I think the directors cut answers more questions than the theatrical and adds more layers to Laurie's fractured character.


The Man-Cave said...

Thanks for posting these differences between the DC and the Theatrical. Even though I have a completest mentality, I just don't have a desire to go through this viewing experience again. I hated the sequel, not because it was "cool to hate the sequel", but because I just honestly didn't like it.

Erik said...

No problem,most people didn't like it,I have no problem with that.I seem to be in the minority that liked it.


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