Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quick Review:The Gate(1987)

A somewhat kid-themed horror movie that actually works well and has some creepy scenes and cool little monsters.This was always one of my favorites growing up and it holds up well for the most part.
The Plot: A couple of kids accidentally open a gate to the depths beyond and end up having to deal with demons and other sinister forces at work.
Glen and his best friend Terry suspect that the hole from the tree trunk removed from Glen's back yard harbors a gateway to another world.Terry has convinced Glen that a heavy metal band his dad was into knows the way to close this gate if you listen to their record backwards.Of course all doesn't go as planned.As the weekend approaches Glen's parents go out of the town and leave his older sister Al(Alexandra) to take care of her younger brother .Soon after Al has a party that gets weird as one of Al's friends convinces her she could perform a levitation..which leads to Glen being levitated and eventually running upstairs crying..LOL.Weirder things begin to happen during the night,Terry has visions of his dead mother,the family dog angus dies and Glen thinks his parents are home only to realize that they are not his parents at all as he squashes his father's face to mush.More strange,nightmarish things begin to happen later as we see the first appearance of the pint-sized demon looking Minions as they try to make their way into the house.We also gets a creature beneath the bed that tries to drag Al underneath with it and a dead house repair men that comes through the way and takes Terry with him.Finally we get a giant sized minion that bursts through the floor of the house as it comes face to face with Glen.
The creatures in this movie are quite cool looking,and it's not cgi or even stop motion fx.The creatures are actually people dressed up in costumes and shot in force perspective.It holds up quite well today where too many films rely heavily on fake looking cgi.
The movie itself has some pacing issues now that I really didn't pick up on when younger.Not a lot happens at all the first 45 minutes or so,for some reason I thought I remembered much more creature action and scares but what do I know,I was only 10 or so.
The acting is fairly decent.Glen played by a very young Stephen Dorff does a good job as the sometimes annoying little brother,Terry(Louis Tripp) was annoying at times especially when he was trying to rock out to a heavy metal record.Al(Christa Denton) is somewhat convincing as the older sister torn between her friends and her little brother.
Not much gore but we see an eye in the hand that gets stabbed,and a face get squashed.
The Gate is still a fun movie to watch.It brings you back in time to the old days when horror films were fun, over the top but still had that certain something that made it work.


Geof said...

Gate is f'n awesome and one of my favorite horror films growing up! Alex (Bill and Ted) Winter is remaking it.

Erik said...

I heard it's getting remade,I hope they are able to make a decent version cause the Gate to me is another childhood memory that I'd like to not see get murdered


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