Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick Review:The Funhouse(1981)

Directed by Tobe Hooper,the Funhouse is a FUN little movie with a great setting , some good scares,and some believable acting. Much better than Eaten Alive.
The Plot:Amy has a date with Buzz and against her parents wishes goes to the local carnival with her friends Liz and Richie with Amy's annoying little brother Joey close behind.At the carnival they see deformed animals,deformed babies,a magic show and a weird looking dude with a Frankenstein mask on.They smoke joints,make out and then get the oh so brillant idea to spend the night inside the funhouse.After more making out they spy through the wood planked floor,the Frankenstein masked guy give money to the old/disgusting fortune-teller lady for sex.He can't control himself and gets pissed afterwards and chokes out the gypsy.Eventually his not to proud father finds out what happens and freaks out.In the meantime Richie gets his second brillant idea of the steal the money left in the box.Of course things don't go as planned as the dad and franken-son soon find out they are missing money and that they have visitors in the funhouse,and Amy and company can't find a way out as they are stalked and chased through the confusing funhouse.
The funhouse itself was quite spooky with dummies and creatures jumping out at you left and right.Its dark in some spots and flashes neon lights in others,making you glad you aren't in there with them.The Frankenstein guy is eventually unmasked and lets just say he's quite a creepy looking creature.Loved the look of this...thing.Amy(Elizabeth Berridge) is a very likable character and also very cute(maybe I need to take a girl to a carnival to win her over),heck,even her boyfriend Buzz is somewhat likable.Not a very high body count or gore but it has just enough to keep one satisfied.
Side Note:The opening scene has hint of Halloween and Pyscho rolled into one.
The Funhouse is another one of those many 80s slashers that seemed to pop out and fade away into obscurity.But it's an entertaining little film with some great scenes,a nice atmosphere, a good score and a well done ending.It's Fun.

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