Monday, February 1, 2010

Quick Review:Legion

I remember seeing trailers for this and thinking wow,this looks like it could be cool so I decided I would see it when it came out.I usually don't go by reviews but man did this get slammed by fans and critics,and this time I did agree with them.This movie was not good...period.

The premise is basically that God has lost faith in humanity and has sent a legion of angels to the earth to bring on the apocolypse and kill Chariles(Adrianne Palickis)baby which we learn is our only hope for a new future though we have no idea why.Archangel Michael changed sides when he couldn't do this task and now is helping a group of survivors,who we never learn why were unaffected compared to the rest of humanity(notables are Denis Quaid,Kate Walsh and Palicki) at a diner fight off these legions.

First off I didn't buy the fact or maybe the notion that god hates us all which seemed like a point director Scott Stewart was trying to get across."Fed up with all the bullshit" is a line explaining Gods thought in an early scene voiceover.There were no scares whatsover,the best thing I can say is the scene where the seemingly nice old lady starts dropping F-bombs and climbing on the celing is a hoot.

The token remote location is present,The acting is really below par in this movie also,Lucas Black(playing the innocent love stricten nice-guy) was horrid.He tries to speak in a twang and constantly has this dumb look on his face along with a furrowed brow.Him trying to look intense is about as funny as a Paulie Shore movie.Tyrese Gibson is the token Black guy and Denis Quaid looked disinterested also.Newcomer Willa Holland I thought was the best out of everybody and she's quite cute also.

Just cause you put a religious spin on a typical siege movie doesn't mean it's a movie that should be trying to come across as serious.Not a movie I'd even recommend even for useless fun.Maybe watch this when you are drunk and it'll be somewhat fun.


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