Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick Review:Jason goes to Hell(1993)

The 9th installment of the series and I guess we should have expected something different,and boy did we get something different,in a bizarre way(and not a good way in my book)

The plot:Jason is blown into pieces and thought to be dead finally,but of course we know better.We then learn that Jason can only be killed by a member of his own..Voorhees family.But who would want that job?.To top things off since Jason wasn't killed by a Voorhees family member at the beginning,he is still alive and better yet..he can transfer his evil over to someone else's body and disguise himself as that person.No way!!!

The bad:I never knew who the main character was until about 40 mins in and then it turns out to be some nerdy guy who thinks he's tough and can stop Jason.
Not enough Jason,he's really not on screen all that much and at this point in the series it couldn't have hurt to put more Jason in the movie.People want to see Jason kill and rip people apart,not some nerdy douche trying to be tough.
The pace..the opening is great but aside from's just really boring and slow...and like I said earlier,not enough Jason.

The good:Nice amount of gore, blood and heart eating plus a sweet scene involving a girl getting ripped apart while she has sex.Did I see an evil dead 2 dagger in this?
Jason's look,I always dug zombiefied Jason and the ripped clothes.
The ending...Freddy's gloves coming up and pulling Jason's mask back down to Hell was definitely the best part of this movie

Overall:Definitely a bizarre entry into the F13th series and one that I normally group in the weaker installments(i.e ones I don't watch very often at all)Watch it for the gore and the ending or just watch the last scene and skip the rest of the movie

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