Monday, October 19, 2009


This film had been advertised for months and for some reason I never thought much about it until I finally decided to see it,and man am I glad I saw it.I don't know if I'd call it a comedy but I also know I wouldn't call it a horror movie.It has both elements and they come together flawlessly.

Set in a world that has been devastated by Zombies(more like the rage infected people of the 28 days later films than the Night of the living dead zombies)we are quickly introduced to Columbus(played by Jesse Eisenberg)who has developed his own set of rules like always checking the backseat and beware of bathrooms,and so on.They flash on screen during the movie which I thought was a cool touch.Columbus is easy to like but sometimes got on my nerves cause he reminded me too much of Michael Cera(superbad,nick and norah's).Columbus eventually meets and joins forces with Tallahasee(played by Woody Harrelson)the crazy,not afraid of anything guy you'd want on your side if you ever were in a situation like this.Tallahasee is on the search for a twinkie...yes a twinkie.Evetually the guys meet to con artist sisters,Wichita(Emma Stone) and Little Rock(Abigail Breslin) who con them out of their weapons among other things.
Finally they all decide to team up to go to Pacific playland,which is in LA and is supposedly zombie free.Along the way they stop in Beverly Hills for star maps and finally at.......Bill Murrays house(he was the big surprise cameo in this one).The final scene takes place at the amusement park and putting zombie in an amusement park is a win-win.......and one of my favorite parts is this movie was the zombie clown(don't know if I ever saw that before).

For the most part this was a very entertaining movie with just the right amount of gore and laughs.It was more about the characters jouney than about zombies and that worked well cause you actually cared for the characters and rooted for them.Definitely one worth owning in the near future if you are ever in the mood for a funny,entertaining and gory zombie film which doesn't take itself seriously.

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