Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick Review:Martyrs

All I can say about this flick is that I have never seen anything like it.It is nothing like I expected it to be and that is definitely a good thing.Directed and written by Pascal Laugier,it follows a slew of other foreign french films including High Tension and Inside.

I don't want to give away too much so I will just sum it up with a brief outline.It follows Lucie's quest for revenge after she was captured and tortured as a kid.She is joined by another child that she befriended after the whole ordeal.

I have to say I thought I knew where this film was going but the last 45 minutes or so completely blew me out of the water.I don't know whats going on in France but they have some sick and twisted minds to make a film like this.There is just so much violence its surreal.Its straight forward horror also,nothing funny at all about this flick,not even one joke.There is torture,self mutilation,abuse,muder,skinning,vomitting and creepy visions including some really insane looking creatures.Some of these are very hard to watch especially with the way its done in this film.The beating in particular is quite relentless,brutal and disturbing to even watch.Its is not an easy film to watch and I would only reccommend it to those with a tough stomach and tough mindset.I can not recall any movie I have seen over the last five yrs or so that disturbed me like this.The whole last 25 minutes is downright emotionally draining to watch.It shocks you and makes you question things about humanity.And like I said earlier what is going on in France and what is going in in Pascal Laugiers mind to think of something like this.I also have to say its not really a movie you can watch over and over again unless you are one sick pup.It is not an enjoyable experience which is im sure what Laugier wanted to accomplish with this.

Anna(played by Morjana Alaoui) and Lucie(played by Mylène Jampanoï) ,the 2 main girls in this film both give great performances.You feel anger,remorse,compassion and a whole bunch of other feelings towards them.Both deserve a lot of creidt for such believeable performances.

At some point I think every horror fan should watch this just to sort of get their own retrospect on what everyone is going gaga about.I gurantee none of them were expecting what this flim ended up delivering.

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