Saturday, January 24, 2009

Many hated but I love part II:The Devils Rejects

Yes I love a Rob Zombie movie, I think this movie is far superior to its predecessor “House of 1000 corpses” which I liked. Now I know some people hate this guy just because of his name or just because he remade everyone’s lovechild “Halloween”. I also know that some people hate him because they say the characters in all his movies are the same drawn out types: low-life white trash skeazy scum and that all his dialogue is the same in that they all curse and use the F word excessively. I won’t argue cause I’m sure nobody is going to change anybodies mind , but for what its worth I think that believe it or not there are people out there like this. Disturbing thought. The movie itself feels gritty and real right from the start as it grabs your attention right from the opening scene

This movie obviously takes place sometime after house of 1000 corpses and opens with what seems like the entire Ruggsville police department outside the devils rejects house. Baby(played brilliantly by Sheri moon zombie) and Otis(a brilliant Bill Moseley) escape the raid while Mother firefly is caught and taken into custody. Sheriff John Quincy Wydell has become HELLBENT! On catching these Devils Rejects , who in the previous film murdered his brother. He learns a certain clown named Captain Spaulding (Sig Haig)from the previous film is also in on this .After this the film becomes a series of sick disturbing violence sometimes so wrong that you actually begin to laugh.
-Otis gun raping his captive and forcing her to perform oral sex on him
-Otis shooting a captive point blank in the head while a witness pukes in the background
-captain Spaulding stealing a mom’s ride as her little kid watches in horror
-Otis wearing the skin of one of his victims as a mask
-Baby forcing 1 captive to slap the other just for bathroom privileges
-one of the captive’s getting run over by a semi
-sheriff Wydell going of the deep end by murdering mother firefly and hiring 2 thugs to catch the rejects
That right there should tell you what kind of movie you are in for. This has more of feel of that 70’s grindhouse on the run criminal movies than a horror movie and it works well. This feels like it was made in the 70’s and if I had no knowledge whatsoever I made think it was actually an older movie. I’m not sure what Zombie himself was actually paying homage to but he nailed it.

Bill Moseley as Otis Driftwood is a joy to watch. He makes this character so fucked up and evil but in a way that also has you laughing nervously. In one line he says “I am the devil and I am here to do the devils work”. In another he tells a hostage “boy the next words out of your mouth better be some brilliant fuking Mark twain shit cause it’s definitely getting chiseled on your tombstone”. He seems off the deep end but at the same you don’t know if maybe he is just being sarcastic.
Sheri Moon Zombie also is great as Baby, Otis’s sister who is just as dangerous as Otis. She can be nice to one second and then boom ready to shoot you the next. Her maniacal laugh from the previous film is still there but not used as much. Sid Haig is also great as Captain Spaulding, coming off as sick and maniacal while still being downright hilarious.
Besides them Will Forshyte as Sheriff John Quincy Wydell also makes this movie. We have a Sheriff who is sooo HELLBENT on revenge that as mentioned earlier kills Mother firefly and hire thugs to finally catch the rejects. In a way he actually becomes the villain, he comes off as crazier than they are in wanting revenge. He finally gets them and tortures them as he staples pictures of all their victims to them while nailing their hands to chairs. After this you actually find yourself rooting for the devils rejects..does this make you crazy??? The end scene is brilliantly shot , it features the devils rejects beaten down and bloodied but ready to go to war in their ride facing a police roadblock they have no chance of overcoming, while lynrd skynrds “Freebird “ plays in the background. Gunshots and more gunshots as the film ends.

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