Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blu-ray Review:The Evil Dead 2:Dead by Dawn

DEAD BY DAWN,DEAD BY DAWN,GIMME BACK MY HAND!If any old or young horror fan hasn't seen this movie somehow,which I'd find hard to believe,go buy this right now.Its essential viewing for any horro movie fan

The Story

Starts out a lot like the first one,legal woes forced Raimi to reshoot it and he couldn't afford all the actors as well . Ash of course takes his girlfriend to a secluded Cabin in the woods only to discover a professors tape of incantations that unleashes a slew of demons that possess Linda and force him to kill her and eventually possess him and his hand.Soon after the professors daughter(Annie) and 3 companions return to the cabin and see just how over the top things have gotten.This film is a perfect mix of creepy moments and genuinely funny moments. Ash's possessed hand beating himself up is one of the best parts of the film,and Bruce Campbell pulled it off perfectly. One of the creepier parts is the deadite in the cellar and the quick transformation of Annie's one companion into a deadite. Evil ash is also a hoot to watch and the "laughing room" scene is one to remember. I have a hard time picking but I actually enjoyed this one more than The Evil Dead,sure its a bit more campy but I find myself having had more fun watching this.

The Picture

The Picture looks damn good for a very dated movie. The detail in certain scenes especially the bridge scene in the beginning is quite impressive.I was able to notice little things in the background that I couldn't on the regular dvd.There is some grain in some of the darker parts of the film but not enough to deter me from recommending this one.


-audio commentary with Raimi,Campbell,Spiegal and Nicotero

very fun to listen to them

fast fim facts

-evil dead II:behind the scenes featurette

nothing special

-the gore the merrier

good luck at the special makeup effects


Like I said earlier the movie itself is a must have for any horror fan and I definitely would recommend this blu-ray to anyone who has started a new collection with blu-rays,I still have my regular evil dead 2 dvd but when it comes time to watch it I don't hesitate and I pop in the Blu-ray

Movie 9/10

Blu-ray 8/10

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