Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick Review:The Descent 2

Not sure what to even say about this mess of a film.Pretty much everything done here was done better in Neil Marshall's The Descent.
For starters: The whole idea to get Sarah back into the cave was laughable at best,tell me what cop in this world would take a recently traumatized and beaten up girl back down to the caves she just escaped from??No cop would .So right from the start is just didn't sit well with me.
But it gets worse. We are introduced to a bunch of boring and uninteresting characters(worst one being the macho cop/sheriff) who we don't care about since all director Jon Harris cared about was trying to show more of the crawlers and less of the suspense and build up the first one boasted. Also while we are on the subject,the acting was quite bad and some of the dialogue was painfully unbelievable. Not to mention that the dark,unsettling feel of the first is not present here.Instead its actually light in the caves,yes even though you are thousands of feet underground...its light.

Another thing that really pissed me off was that this didn't even feel like a sequel,it felt more like a remake.Every scene here was done better in the original.We have the discovery for all the animal bones done here less effectively,we have the characters getting trapped when the cave gives in..done better in the first,we have the characters discovering the crawlers use sound to hunt when a walkie-talkie starts going off,we have the Sarah and another character plunged into a dark river...get where I'm going.Why bother making a sequel if you are going to use the same exact scenes with different characters??Try coming up with something new and inventive for a change.

Not enough good stuff to even mention.The gore was there was I guess you could say was good,there was a surprise appearance about midway through that helped me from falling asleep.I think if you Saw the first you can guess who or what it is.And the ending,talk about a cheap sell out ending.Pretty lame.

Final Say: I guess I had expectations and little to high for a direct to dvd sequel.I thought this would be able to have somewhat of a similar feel to the first.Instead it got nothing right from the original.Skip this and stick to the original

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