Friday, May 7, 2010

A Nightmare on elm street 2010 review:watch the original

Pretty much that simple.Most reviews up already are similar to how I feel so it's no sense really going over too much.I took nothing away at all from Samuel Bayer's and PDs A Nightmare on Elm Street.Some thoughts

-Rooney Mara as Nancy was just dull and boring,and worst of all she didn't appear to be that scared of Freddy,in the original Heather Langenkamp did such an amazing job portraying that fear,you almost felt as if you were there with her in the dreams.I did not get a feel at all for Rooney Mara,way to emotionless. All she did was mope around and try to be an outcast and all emo.

-Kris who really was Tina from the original played by Katie Cassidy was very good.She portrayed that sense of fear missing from Rooney and I really felt more drawn to her character and for some reason the first 1/4 of the film seemed to focus on her instead of Nancy.They should have kept going in that direction,it would have been at the least a nice curveball thrown at the audience.And Spoiler,Kris' death which of course was the classic getting dragged across the ceiling death from the original came off almost laughable and was way too quick to leave any impact what-so-ever.And the way she fell in a perfect glammed up pose didn't sit well with me at all.

-the video diary scene also came across funny rather than scary,everytime I see a youtube or blog video featured in a horror movie I cringe
-the biggest laugh I got was the superman moment where Jackie as Freddy rips off his jacket to show his red and green sweater underneath

-Jackie Earle Haley I didn't care for much.Maybe it was the crappy script or the way he talked but I did not find him creepy in the slightest.He tried to come across and funny in one part and scary in another part,almost as if they couldn't make up their mind what direction they wanted to go in.Also the more and more I watched the more and more I didn't care for the look of Freddy.The makeup almost came across like they tried to make him too realistic and as Becky from the horror effect says "looks like a Ninja Turtle covered in pizza".

-relied way too much on cheap jump scares,there was no buildup or sense or foreboding danger which the original oozed with

-the bathtub scene was awful and the closing scene was done for no other reason then to pay homage to the original.It made no sense in context with the rest of the film.

-the only good thing I could say about this besides the performance of Katie Cassidy was the cinemotography,the movie did look slick though almost too slick

Horrible effort and I'm not sure if this was worse than PD's Friday the 13th


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