Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Fog remake

Even the poster is lame.

Quite possibly the worst remake ever.I can't even begin to describe how bad and laughable this is and I'm one who has loved some recent remakes(the hills have eyes and House of wax).There is not one redeeming quality about this film. It is not remotely scary,has no tension,heck its not even creepy.And to top it all off the cgi is among the worst I have ever seen.John Carpenters original the Fog is a damn good atmospheric movie and though not as good as the thing is still holds up quite well.So anyone that hasn't seen the remake,steer clear of it and stick to Carpenter cause he rarely lets me down.


J. Astro said...

agreed. The original "THE FOG" is a masterpiece, the remake is a for the most part a useless, shitty clunker. The ONE scene in the remake that I dig is the part where the weatherman's flaming, dying carcass comes flying through the door and smacks into the fuckin' wall. That shit was hot. The rest? Not so much.

Erik said...

Too bad they are making a prequel to The Thing,they better not F that up too much
LCs is a masterpiece


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