Monday, November 30, 2009

Best horror movies of 09

There were some good ones in 09,including my personal favorite Drag me to Hell.So here our my rankings and yes I was one of the few who actually enjoyed Rz's H2

1.Drag me to Hell-a perfect combination of scares,laughs and gross out moments in Sam Raimi's return to horror

2.Trick R Treat-heard about this for yrs and it delivered,a great anthology of stories and already a must see every Halloween


3.Martyrs-Brutal,disturbing and a hard pill to swallow but it delivers the goods

4.Zombieland-Don't know if I can consider this horror or comedy with horror but it's a fun zombie movie with some real cool scenes

5.Halloween 2-I don't care how umpopular it is,I enjoyed what Zombie did,he tried some new ideas and I dug the dark vibe

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