Friday, December 18, 2009

Quick Review:Leviathan

This has always been a guilty pleasure movie of mine back to the VHS days,in fact the last time I saw this before yesterday was on VHS.For the most part I still enjoyed it,while being older and more mature now I still had a fun time watching this.
The cast is stellar,you got Peter Weller,Ernie Hudson,Richrad Crenna and Daniel Stern. They are all underwater miners looking for silver and other minerals 15000 feet below the water.They come across a sunken Russian ship. Of course 2 crew members,six pack(Stern) and elizabeth(Amanda) explore the ship and when they get back things aren't normal.Six-pack begins to feel sick and is eventually Thompson thinks or knows that something from that ship made him die and...start ummm start to turn into a fish.Yes whatever the thing/virus is it takes over your body to use and transform.This creature begins to take over the crew one at a time....using all their bodies to morph.Kind of like the creature from the thing,in fact this movie to me is the thing underwater,though not nearly as suspenseful or eventful.The pacing for the first 45 mins or so is very slow but it does have that slow burn type of build up that you wish you could skip through.Stan Winston,who did the creature effects on the thing does the creature effects here as well.I was one in the majority that liked the way this underwater sea monster looked.Bizzare-looking but I think they showed just enough of it to be effective.And nothing could top the thing anyways.
I enjoyed this more than deep-star six and lords of the deep and I thought it was more fun then the abyss.The line delivered by Weller at the end-battle is so corny and gay but I couldn't help but laugh.That's what 80s/early 90's cliches were about..his end kill-line say ah..motherfucker

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