Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Nightmare on elm street..trailer 2

Another promising trailer for sure,I know,I know it's PD and Michael Bay behind it but I really do hope they pull of a good film here,Freddy has always been the scariest to me and from the looks of this he will be scary again.The dream sequences look solid(a few in particular have caught my eye such as the one at the opening of the trailer)and they are keeping some of the originals death scenes which I like cause those are just classic(I just hope they don't go to CGI heavy on them like this scene appears to be)

The gore looks like it will be there,now I just hope some of the characters unlike the F13th reboot are likable,plus I pleased to see Katie Cassidy in this,she's damn hot.And I believe Jackie Earl Haley will nail the role,though I'm sure for some people like myself it'll be hard not seeing Robert Englund as Freddie.Haley's voice sounds creepy.


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