Monday, April 12, 2010

Scream 2(the beginning)

I fucking loved the original Scream,it is by far one of my favorite horror movies and slashers ever despite the fact that it made way for a bunch of copycats.I can't think of one bad thing to say about it,and when I first saw Scream 2 I was a little letdown.It it still a good film and a decent sequel but after watching it again recently there is one part I just wish they would have left out or changed,and that is the opening scene in the theatre at the premiere of Stab.

For starters,I know its horror and its not suppose to be that realistic but movie goers dressed up in the ghostface attire and pretending to hack up their friends and acting like rahtards while watching Stab was just so lame and corny.And then of course it gets even worse when Jada Pinkett is stabbed and killed in front of all these idiots and not one person found it odd?they all thought it was a publicity stunt....come on now!(you couldn't come up with a better opening kill than this)..if any normal person saw something like this happen today I think we'd find it a little odd and maybe do something.

I think it could have been 100 times better had they left out the fools dressed up as ghostface and instead had the murder occur out in the hallway or somewhere else in the theatre.Or maybe outside the theatre or on the way home.At least Omar Epps death was more believable than Jada's.

That being said the rest of the film was pretty entertaining,a decent sequel and in fact its the last Scream movie I count.Scream 3 doesn't count.

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