Monday, May 3, 2010

Samuel Bayer said whatttttt!!!!??

“Look, I’m gonna catch a lot of heat for this,” he begins. “But some of these fans on the web should just get up, stretch, breathe, go outside and get some fresh air, maybe get a girlfriend and just get a life. They should see the movie and make up their own minds.”

Wow,big talk for a guy who just supposedly just shit on the Nightmare series


Anonymous said...

Seriously, what an idiot. If he'd spent half as much energy as he did in that quip into creating a quality product, then the end result may not have been so lackluster.

- Said by homeowner, non-basement dwelling, soon to be married, avid outdoorsman

Erik said...

For real,pretty dumb statement from him.No need to throw insults cause his movie wasn't liked.It's not like we expected a masterpiece,just something somewhat credible and I haven't even seen this mess yet.


-we all go a little crazy sometimes

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