Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great White Shark spotted in Florida waters

Being shark week I found it ironic.Anyways I've been told it's not the first time one has been spotted in Florida but its the first I heard of it.I always thought they preferred cooler waters and waters where there are seals and shit like that to eat.I don't know what it'll eat here,other smaller sharks and turtles maybe?I just went snorkeling the other time and though the actual chances of bring attacked by a shark,yet alone a great white shark are very slim its um making me think twice about going snorkeling again.I definitely don't want to come face to face with Jaws.Anyways it was Way up near Jacksonville where some fisherman thought they had something big,turns out it was somethig giant,they got some pics of it also. and experts are 90% sure its a great to the great white I say why can't you go home!are you too good for your homeeee!!!???

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