Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Drive

So I made it all the way from Phoenix to South Florida.The trip was quite a journey,I knew what I was in for cause I have done long drives twice before but it still tests you.Started Wednesday night and made it home late night/early morning at 3am.It was a whopping 2300 miles.

And let me say that I don't know how people in Texas,mainly Houston can deal with the traffic and general confusion on the highways,it really was the most confusing highway(i-10)that I have ever dealt with.One lane goes there,the other lane says it goes there also but veers of to the right then ends abruptly,another lane says HOV,another says EZ pass,then you have dividers at certain parts of it...its just madness.Besides Houston, Texas wasn't bad to drive through,except the fact that its too god damn big,almost 1000 miles just going through Texas.

As the night goes on though you keep glnacing at the odometer hoping you've gone 250 miles but then realizing you've only gone 98 miles.

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